Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 memorable hard to pick.

The Multiples and More question of the a hard one. Honestly every day with these three is memorable, not a day goes by that they don't do something that makes us go awww. To try and pick just 5 moments is really hard...but here are 5, they all in some way involve the trio.

1. Jason and I got married in 2006 and after almost two years of BFN's when I saw the + on a test one wonderful morning in Jan. 2008 I literally ran up and down our hallway screaming Oh My God and crying. Since Jason was not home when I tested I wanted to do something special for him, so I had a lunch and some balloons with a Congrats Daddy message sent to his work. Waiting for him to get that was killing me so I called my sister, just to share the news with someone. I asked her if she was ready to be an Auntie again, she was like OMG you are calling me at 7 am I knew you must be pregnant. I then pee'd on a digital test just so I could see that ever elusive word 'Pregnant'!

2. After two very high Betas my RE told me to expect multiples, though I know high betas do not always mean more than one baby in our case it sure did. We went in at 6 weeks 1 day to see what was going on it there...the wait for that first ultrasound feels like forever. So Jason and I are starring at the screen and have no idea what we are looking for, after a min or two I start thinking to myself why is this taking so long, was the test wrong, were the betas there no baby. Finally she comes to a black round spot and says here is one, then she moves to another black round spot and says here is two. Then she stops and looks up at us, she asked how we were doing. I was a smiling fool with tears in my eyes that I was trying to not let fall...we both said we were doing fine. She looked at us for another few seconds then said, you guys I see a third...then she asked Jason if he needed a chair, he said he didn't and she went on to get their measurements and heartbeats. We called everyone as soon as we left the office!!!
Very first ultrasound of the babies

3. My Csection and getting to meet the triplets for the first time was huge. After a big scare at 25 weeks I was lucky enough to hold out until 31 weeks, the last 6 weeks of which were spent very uncomfortably in a hospital bed. You would think I would be ready to get them out when my water broke unexpectedly...I was not. I sat there crying "I'm not ready" "I can't do this" for a couple of minutes before Jason snapped me out of it. As someone who has never had a surgery, heck I have never even broken a bone, the thought of the CS freaked me out. I did way better than I expected and it went beautifully, we got to hear the wonderful sound of two of the babies cry right away. As I was being wheeled into recovery I got to stop by and really look at them for the first time, they were itty bitty things but looked healthy and we felt at ease when the Doctors told us they were doing well. I touched their tiny hands and was just totally amazed that these are the three little people that had been in my belly for the last 31 weeks. It's a moment I will never quite forget but wish every day that we had gotten in on video as I am sure details get lost over time. Gotta add getting to hold them for the first time and do Kangaroo care...the best feeling in the world, and certainly not something I will ever forget!!!
Baby hand off during the Csection
Me getting to see and touch the trio for the 1st time
Me and Jason after the Csection
Lily and Momma 4 days old 1st Kangaroo care

4. Since the last baby left the NICU to join us at home we have been covered in babies. Early on it was babies laying everywhere dozing or eating, all three sleeping in our bed with us, and baby paraphernalia everywhere you look. Our house is on the smaller side and it seems every room has been lost in one way or another to our children...and we love it. A few months backs all 5 of us were laying in the babies play area. The trio were dozing, Xan on me, Lily on Jason, and Hayden in her bouncy between us. Jason reached out his hand to me and we laid there on the floor covered in babies holding hands. It's the little things sometimes that keep us going.

Our very first picture of all 5 of us

Some pics of babies just hanging where ever.

5. Their 1st Birthday was a very special time. Making it through their first year was no small feat, making it through with 3 very large, healthy and robust kids; and an intact, dare I say happier than ever marriage, is a true blessing. We had so many people that helped and supported us on this ride it was wonderful getting to throw a big bash and invite everyone to celebrate with us. It was a fun day!

A collage of the party to see full size.


Angela said...

I enjoyed hearing about how things were for you in the beginning! It's amazing isn't it? I just realized that we were both in the same boat with how much time we spent in the hospital! Wish we would've known each other then! I love the Thanksgiving pics! They are adorable! You're amazing!

TripMomma said...

Aww thanks Momma!!! I wish we would have known each other then too :) I'm gonna head over to read your post now.