Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photo shoots with 2 year olds LOL.

Here are some of the pics we had taken a couple weeks ago, this is actually narrowed down hahaha. Surprisingly we got quite a few good pictures even though the trio do not exactly cooperate for photos these days. Our photog, Amanda, rocks and does so great with the kiddos. It was a beautiful couple of days to be out at the parks! You can click on the pics to see them enlarged.

Group pics were the one ever looked at the camera at the same time LOL

Xander with his Daddy and Momma.

Daddy with his Princesses...and Hayden with her Momma.

Lily wanted to be a little daredevil and walk on the bridge walls. Then Lily and Daddy did a little ring around the rosie.

Momma and Lily, give me a smooch.

Handsome little man Xander.

Pretty Miss Hayden.

Lovely LilyBug

Baby boy update...I am 23 weeks along today, just 100 days to go. This pregnancy really is flying, with all the Holidays coming up it is going to be time before we know it. The girls are really loving on the belly, it is so sweet. The other day Lily had kissed it then was resting her hand on it when Jericho kicked, she pulled her hand back and looked at it like what the heck was that LOL. No belly pic today...will try to get one tomorrow.

Our clothes Fairy Godmother passed on another bunch of huge bags of clothes her twin girls have out grown. Tami, you are so generous and such a life saver...thanks to you it's like we only HAVE to buy clothes for Xander. Everyone...Xan included, played dress up when Jason got home with the new stuff LOL. I really can't say thanks enough!


Angela said...

Great Pics! Love them!

Joey Berube said...

Oh, how fun! I like how the photos are all so alive and active. The spirit of those adorable children are certainly captured in those photos.

Krista said...

We had pics in the park with Liam last fall. Got some great pictures - and a lot not so great. I think the photographer filled 4 GB worth of memory cards. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Those great shots make it all worth it.

TripMomma said...

Thanks guys! Yes thank goodness for digital LOL!!!