Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jericho's first field trip.

Jericho went on his first school field trip today! He was super excited to get to ride a school bus, with his high school student buddies, and spend 3 hours at a nearby pumpkin patch.
I drove out ahead of the bus, my big boy didn't need his Mommy riding the bus with him ;)

They have a great garden store...yummy and colorful!

It took 3 buses to get the 20-25 preschoolers, their high school student buddies (each little kid has 3 buddies,) a few parents and a couple teachers....we had just over 100 people in our group.

Jericho with 2 of his buddies...Sebastian and Anna. Too bad the rain hit today and didn't let up all day.

Buddy Trey was there too, Jericho talks about his buddy Trey all the time.

Half the group hit up the corn maze first, we got lost for a good half hour LOL.

Jericho did his best to find every puddle out there.

Jericho and the 3 best buddies ever!

Some playgroud fun before lunch.

Jericho loves keeping his buddies on their toes.

Hay ride! I stayed in the dry and relatively warm barn sipping on some hot cocoa while Jericho and his buddies hit up the patch.

In the end my little guy came home soaking wet with a big pumpkin and a small bag of potatoes...and stories for his Dad, brother and sisters of his fun day at the pumpkin patch! I really love his preschool...and the high school buddies!

Haddie got her shirt from being student of the month earlier this month.
After all this tiring fun today I managed, thanks to mother nature, to get out of cooking! Today was a record setting wet and rainy day, so bad actually that 2400 people (including us) lost power. 
Darn it, I had to go get fast food instead of cook LOL. 
The kids took it well, the Kindles lasted a while and kept them entertained. Forgive the was pitch black in the house.

When the Kindles ran out of power, flashlights, lanterns and running around the house singing Halloween songs, was super fun until bed time. Thankfully our power came back on just after the kiddos went to bed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A shiner from brother.

Brothers can be rough on each other...even when they don't mean to be. Xander was playing in the back yard, he had one of their beach toys out, a plastic rake, and he was whacking stuff with it...when Jericho walked right into the rake. Xander escorted a crying Jericho in the house telling me it was an accident and he said sorry. I'm taking bets on how long it takes to turn into a black eye. Jason doesn't think it will, he thinks the plastic rake is too light to cause a black eye...I think he is wrong.

Poor baby boy...we iced it for a good 10 minutes. Hopefully that will help.


The accidental culprit LOL.
I got Jason's bow tie done for his Jack costume. Now just Xander's Mayor hat to finish by Saturday's party.

It isn't perfect, but turned out cool.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why did we think this would be the easy one?

Hat day was a hit for my kindergartners today...they all looked so adorable!

While the munchkins were at school, Grandma and I got the final sewing session done, Jason even helped a little.

The kiddos got home and we were still working away.

I got a start on the Mayor's hat...I am really procrastinating on the hat and Jack's bat tie thingy. Need to get on it, we have to wear these for the first time in a week.

Haddie's Mummy costume is finally done, this one took longer...and was a bigger PITA, than we expected. We ripped a sheet into strips, then sewed the strips onto a turtle neck and pair of sweats. Sounds easy right? Well it wasn't...Grandma was this close to throwing her machine a time or two LOL. It came out great though, so the aggravation was worth it in the end.

Miss Hayden loves her costume!

Sassy thing LOL.

Sisters...they look fabulous! I can't wait for everyone to get all dressed up next week!

When the sewing was finally done, the kiddos did some reading to Grandma. She was pretty impressed too :)

Jericho's preschool class was part of the half time show for the Homecoming football game, so we all got to go have fun for a couple hours. The rain started coming down about when the game started, so we only lasted until after the half time show was over, but the kids had a great time.

Go Warriors...they ended up losing, but we didn't tell the kids LOL.

We were not there even 5 minutes before the kids started asking for snacks...guess they have a favorite part of going to football games. Actually a little Lily funny.... Hayden was standing up blocking my view, I asked her to sit down. She got grumpy and told me she likes standing up. Then Lily looked around Hayden and said to me "I like eating snacks" LOL.


Half time...all the kiddos got to walk on the field then around the track with each other.

They were funny, you would think they have all been on parade floats before with all the expert wavers we had in the group.

Cutie pies!

We were all soaked by the time we made it home, but the night was a success for sure!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shopping trip.

We did a lot of running around today after the kiddos got out of school. Including a hair cut for Little Man. We really like him in the surfer shag but his hair is still baby thin, we thought cutting it really short might help get rid of more of that baby stuff. It makes him look so different.
Jericho has been really busy at preschool...he loves it, I just hope he is behaving, haven't had any feedback really. Hopefully no news = good news.

The trio's first order of books from school. I remember these things from when I was a kid, crazy how some things don't change. We read to the kids a lot, almost daily...tonight I let them try to read to me for the first time, I was super surprised at how well they did. Lily and Xander were almost reading, Haddie did pretty well too, but being a perfectionist doing anything that she doesn't know for sure that she will do great at is really hard for her. I was impressed, especially since we have never really tried to teach them to read at home and they are only about a month into Kindergarten and here they are trying to read.

Tomorrow is hat day at the trio's school. So while we were out adding to our preps and stock piles (yes, we are one of those families that thinks this is just the tip of the Ebola iceberg and that things are going to get worse before they get better...having a good 4 months of food stocked up helps me feel a tiny bit better) we got the kiddos some new hats. Jericho found the perfect hat for himself...our little minion LOL.

Lily Bug loves a good fedora, so she found one of those...I was trying my best to talk Haddie into this cute hat but she wasn't going for it. She wanted a cat one, so I let her get the one she wanted. Then I went back and bought this hat anyway is going to look sure cute in pictures.

Hayden's hat of choice...later she ended up finding a Hello Kitty fedora, so we now have a small collection of hats. I should have bought myself one...but then I love how they look on other people and worry they look silly on me so I almost never wear one.