Friday, February 17, 2017

Spring countdown.

My goat momma's are on the home stretch now. I am starting to get nervous, I wonder how many kiddings I need to be a part of before I feel confident and prepared for anything.

Heidi and Lulu got to switch places with Hooch today and move back in with the girls.

"Hello from the other side"
Jericho is still sick, but came out for a little bit.
Baby ladybug's, soon to be baby goats...this all screams spring!

Hooch is not happy to be alone over there....we are planning to add another buck this summer.
He decided to act tough and show off for the dog.

And they are off!
His bouncy jumps were the best.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nurse Lily.

Oh no...little sickie. Here I was just saying how we had pretty much skipped the germfest this year.
Poor Jericho, it has been like 3 years since his last fever seizure and I still freak when he comes down with a temperature.

Their baby brother is a pesticle like no other. So it warms my heart how they take such good care of him when he is sick. Nurse Lily is on the case.

Of course his "Robot Dog" is right by his side.

Jericho is running Lily ragged right now. Nurse Lily made the mistake kind gesture of giving her sick little brother a whistle, and told him to use it when he needs something. She got him toast this morning. Then she went to school. In the first 40 minutes of her being back home she found his stuffed animal, made him a bagel snack, got him water, got him paper and a pencil, put the pencil back, read him a book...and got his slippers. Oh wait I hear the whistle....wonder how long until she breaks Hahaha.

Snuggling on the couch with my little sickie. Lego Batman Movie is helping Lily catch her breath.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Packing on the pounds..and not from chocolate!

My Valentines day was just lovely. My "gifts" are not here yet, but rest assured my amazing, loving, and ever so giving hubby took very good care of the way I usually appreciate most. Yes, that means I have some new and very exciting critters joining the farm soon!!

 It has been such a nice few days, not ready for rain to return tomorrow. The wind up here always leaves trees down...this was another close call.

The goats have done an amazing job on the blackberries, so bare in here now.

About time to kick Hooch out, and swap Heidi and Lulu over with the big girls.
Yahtzee has another 7-10 days before babies!!! I think she will go first this time.

Wide loads coming through.

Everyone loves you when you are reaching the unreachable leaves and handing them out. the hair dude.
When I handed out all the blackberry leaves that I was going to...they headed to their shelter to move on to the grain and hay LOL.

Chow hounds...they are gaining fast now!
Jason got started on a new chicken coop too. The chickens are going to love it!

My hubby is a rock star...and I know it, even if I don't always let him know that I know. His card this year I hope helped me express that.

I have the best kids. They happily shared their goodies from school. Xander gave me this giant fave!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Too early for spring fever?

The spring air has made my little yearlings feel froggy. Heidi and Lulu were having fun chasing and head butting each other. Don't think we are quite done with the icky weather yet...but spring is coming soon!

Such big girls, can't believe they are a year old already.

I can sit and watch them play for hours.
They still love each other.
Can't wait for them to shed out...excited to see how they have turned out. Need to draw blood soon to check and see if they are prego.