Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hello Spring!

Oh I really needed this! These are the days that make the rain, mud, snow, ice and hurricane winds worth it!

Bridget has had a week of steroids and stall time. She is walking better, not even close to 100% yet, but good enough to get released back to the herd. We have found out she and Gaga snuck in with the bucks and are both pregnant. We weren't planning to breed them this year, but they are close enough to the weight and age minimums they should be fine.

Since Bridget got released from the barn, her roomy Tootsie got to go join the rest of the piglets finally.

Tootsie is just the cutest little piglet ever.

The others are kind of ignoring her right now. Pig politics LOL.

Kitsune out doing what she loves...herding my goats.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Something is in my eye.

Book character day. My two that participated...Mario's bro and Fancy Nancy.

Don’t cry, don’t cry LOL. Pizza and a movie night at the kids school. This one always gets me.
Thankfully, the lights were off.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Not you too.

This big guy is not feeling well, ugh another vet trip. He was making everyone in the waiting room laugh because he never takes his eyes off me LOL. Focus!! Blood and poop all looked normal, hope he is back to himself soon.

Another beautiful day today!

I know 1 rabbit that is crock pot bound. Little witch. It is very uncommon, and completely undesired, for a Silver Fox to have a bad attitude. She will make a yummy dinner.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Almost melted away.

Good news...seeing some improvement with Bridget. She is not up and moving much, but when she is up she is putting weight on her legs and not dragging them! Hopefully we keep seeing things go in the right direction. While I was doing this mornings check I was forced to cuddle Tootsie, she literally climbed into my lap and refused to get down LO

Trouble maker.
We won't be having a litter of piglets this summer. Our new gilts are not quite old enough. We still have 1 boar from our last litter available.

Betty Lou is a great addition here.

The last, I hope, of the snow is just about gone. Yay!!
Dani is feeling spring today too.

The boys are a little jealous...they don't get to roam the pasture with the girls.

Hello wee baby lady bug.