Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa...take 2.

We decided to go see Santa again today, it was my friends last day of doing the Santa pics...and Miss Kitsune will only be this little once.
I don't have the pro pics yet, but these are a few I snapped.

What is cuter than a puppy with Santa...I have no idea :)

It was crazy hard to get her to stay put...and she flat out refused to wear a hat LOL. Man is she adorable though.

The kids got in on the fun too...and yeah, the sign totally fits. I have bite and scratch marks to prove it Hehehe.

Yes, yes she is....and these 3 girls are too cute!

Hayden watch the choke puppies were harmed in the taking of these photos Hahaha.

Family pic, I didn't plan to be in the photo...or I would have worn some Seahawk gear too. They kicked butt today woohoo!!

We made some "gingerbread" man cookies.

We used the same recipe that we made for the starfish cookies at the trio's Bday party. These sugar cookies hold their cut out shape perfectly. We did add 1/2 cup more didn't really make them too much sweeter, so I added a little frosting, then they were scrumptious.

The kiddos had a great time, they can't wait to make more for Santa.

My wonderful neighbor sent over gifts today, an adult basket...and a bunch of fun stuff for the kiddos too. Thank you Tammy and fam!

Kitsune is so dang smart, yes she has a PITA streak a mile wide, but I can see how amazing a little maturity will make her. We train with hot dog bits for a minute or two at a time, three times a day. In one week she has learned sit, here, focus, and is working on down. Of course she is much more prompt when I have food to reward her with, but she will still sit when asked...most of the time, even without food! She is close to being potty trained, she will have an accident if we don't pay attention when she goes to the door, but if we don't mess up...neither does she. I love this dog! She is a pistol...but such a sweetie and so fun!

She LOVES her training time...probably mostly she loves the hot dogs, but I think she also really enjoys working and learning.

She is such a cool dog...can't wait to teach her more. We need to start getting her out for socializing. One thing I adored about Gangster was that he was bomb proof about people, noises, situations...he was a cool character. I hope to get Kitsune there too.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Off for winter break...and puppy baths.

Jason and I volunteered in the trio's class this morning, for their Gingerbread house PJ party. Almost the entire school was in PJ's today, I wore a PJ shirt but went with jeans instead of PJ bottoms. Today was their last day before starting a 16 day long break...I am so happy, no more early mornings for a while Hahaha.
The kids took the Christmas gifts in today too, everyone loved their mugs and Mrs. P loved the wreath...I think it turned out pretty fantastic..if I do say so myself.

The Kindy kids had help from their 5th grade buddies again, there were 50 kids making a mess with frosting and candy in this classroom...and having a marvelous time.

Nice job Lily Bug!

Xander kept his work much cleaner than his sisters...which is a little funny, since his room is always the biggest mess. Hmm maybe it really is always Jericho's fault LOL.

Looking good Xan.
Haddie did a great job too.

Bug just wanted to eat hers LOL.

When we got home the pup was totally passed out. I thought she looked super funny LOL.
Kitsune has been here a week now, and she turned 8 weeks old today. She has already grown a pretty good amount, her little harness is almost due to be loosened. She threw up on the car ride home from the breeders a week ago, today we decided to take her out for her second drive and see how she did. No accidents and no throwing up! Yay!

I yawn at your car ride. Car rides are no big deal now mom, I'm a big girl. See the little black spot on her is like a little birth mark.

She is so darn cute! Such a huge PITA too Hehehe. At least she is sleeping through the night now, and not freaking out in her crate anymore.

Puppy selfie :)

Little Miss got her first bath today, I wouldn't say she loved it...but she didn't freak out or anything. The kids were right there to help of course. She won't be able to take a bath in the sink forever...our bitty baby pup is going to be huge before we know it.

This is how we wash the dog, wash the dog, wash the dog LOL.

Someone get me out of here!

Jericho wanted a kiss LOL.
I will chew up something of yours for this.

Freeze, photo op!

She is not amused Hahaha!


Can I please be done now?!

Really I must insist.

Ah all done, she survived.