Friday, April 20, 2018

Almost go time!

Got Heidi shaved up and moved into the horse trailer kidding unit today.
How do you make a goat that is angry about her bad shave job, rightfully so, happy? You share your apple. Sorry Heidi, it will grow back LOL.

She is not thrilled to be locked in here away from her herd, hopefully it is not a long wait.

Can’t stop watching the baby monitor. Who will go first Kitsune or Heidi. Please girls not at the same time.
For 5 months Heidi has been due on 4/21...the last 2 months Kitsune had a due date of 4/20. So far neither is doing a dang thing. Ugh.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

This is more like it!

The kittens are about ready for a bigger box. They can hear now and they are starting to play. They came out to meet the dogs again today. Lycan thinks any little critter is a bunny, and if there’s one animal he’s not safe with its bunnies, so we did some slow introductions today. Kitsune seems very protective of them almost like she thinks that they’re hers. Willow is a very tolerant momma. Orange boy is spoken for. We will be doing wormings, shots and box training for anyone local that wants one of the girls.

Gorgeous day today...about dang time! Lycan and Kitsune enjoyed the sun today. Kitsune is due this weekend...abouts, and is still crazy LOL. I love this crazy girl. Lycan is busy trying to steal sticks. She is not having it. Such a handsome goof.

Not bad for being pregnant with 9 babies.

I adore my goats. 14, and counting...they are worse than potato chips, chickens and rabbits rolled into one LOL.

Heidi is my first doe due this year...she isn't looking very big, hopefully we get twins.

I think they are just as happy as I am for this beautiful weather.
My boys need a new friend or two, think I might add a couple more bucks this year.

Can't forget Skeet and the piggies.

Days like today make it all worth it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Another 9!

Looks like 9 more Dutchie pups should be arriving this weekend. Can't wait to see them on the outside.
Wee little puppies.
This is so true LOL!