Monday, July 18, 2016

Wet dog.

Some fun at the lake today. These two crazies got a nice work out.
Kitsune loves to fetch, anything...anywhere. I think she especially loves playing fetch in the water.

Nobody likes to have a wet dog shake all over them LOL.

One of these does not swim like the other Hahaha. Lycan swims like he is drowning.

Group photo!

These two...fight over everything. Can't say I blame Kitsune, she does all the work of getting the toy then Lycan thinks he will just take it. Don't think so dude.

Almost looks like happy sharing eh?

Tired...nope, never.

Our piglets are a cute bunch. We are getting close to deciding which of Wildstyle's 3 boys will get to go under the knife. I can't say I am looking forward to doing it...but I'm watching a lot of Youtube so hopefully my first piglet neuters won't go too bad.

These three are of Goth...who at this point is looking like a neuter patient.

Miss Chic...still looking fab.
Mr. Bohemian...he is very studly.

Rocker is not a bad specimen either.

Another 5 weeks or so and these kids will be ready to go.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I spend weeks eating, sleeping and drinking the triplets bday party. When it is finally over I feel like a big weight is off. We get back to just regular old "farm life". Cousin Hailee is spending a few days with us, she loves helping with all the animal chores.

Goats are always happy to see someone with food.

Hailee got some piggie snuggles.

Too adorable.

We tried to put strings around the older 4 so when we reintroduce everyone we could tell the two litters apart. Thankfully there is still a small size difference, since the string didn't stay on very long LOL. Going to have to tag ears soon I guess.
Little Miss Chic is looking good!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Getting down on the farm.

We always end up with a late night finishing up party prep, and we still run late setting up the day of. Next year I am going to decide what time I want the party to start and put an hour later on the invites LOL.
I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, and didn't get to do any of the party games the kids wanted to do...but I think everyone had a good time anyway.

My farm theme decorations turned out super cute. The sun tea was friend Michele and I polished it off after the party, with a couple shots of vodka added in.
The strawberry lemonade was awesome, we went through 4 gallons of the stuff.

Everything turned out great, we had enough grub for the 55 or so guests that showed up.

The hale bales were a hit, too bad Wrangler ate all my "Horse Pucky" cookies before the guests arrived. Stupid damn dog.

The weather was not what we are used to for the triplets least it didn't flat out rain, but it wasn't exactly warm and sunny.

The tables looked so cute set up.

The crowd was able to spread out, some sat out back to eat and visit...

Others played out front in the kid area...the zip line was a big hit. I guess even Great Grandpa Frank gave it a go.

The cakes were a big hit. This one was super fun to make. We did a double decker chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and chocolate chips in the middle. Then KitKats around the edge. The top "frosting" is chocolate pudding mud and fondant pigs. The girls and I made fondant skills are not pro but for sure improving LOL.

This one was two layers, upper white cake, lower strawberry. We sliced up strawberries and bananas in the middle. The pig face is also fondant.

Make a wish kiddos!!!

Some crazies still got in the pool today...brrr. I am not getting in it until I have a solar blanket.

Jericho got to hang with his buddy Zane today.

A few of the triplets friends from school showed up...lots of family of course.

Kitsune and Lycan got a lot of exercise.

Everyone took a walk about on the farm to check out all the critters. Good thing we don't have 30 kids here every day. The poor animals were pretty traumatized LOL.

Piglets were of course a big hit...even if they didn't want none of it.

Everyone loves babies.

Most of the kids did a great job listening and holding the uncooperative wriggle worms.

Then it was the baby bunnies turn. They are a lot easier to catch and hold than piglets.

So many cute kids!

Natural beauty... so unfair LOL.

Gift time. Thanks friends and guys are so appreciated, thank you for being our village!
Ahhh it is over. Whew.

Our friends Barry, Michele and Mal spent the night, so the fun continued well after dark. The kids got to play with Xander's new glow in the dark rockets. Good times!

Such a great day. Now I need to sleep for two days to recover LOL.