Friday, August 29, 2014

Our last beach trip this summer.

Summer is just about over, lucky us that we have a fun 3 day weekend at the beach planned with our friends Barry and Michele and their daughter Mallory! Looks like we also lucked out...yet again on the weather, it is expected to be beautiful and perfect all weekend!!

Our poor SUV, I don't think we could have packed one more thing.

The kiddos are so very excited, hopefully the 3 hour drive to Florence will go a little better with half a dozen DVD movies to watch.

Speaking of the cars DVD player....

I was nominated today to do the Five Days of Positivity and Thankfulness challenge going around on FB, thanks Heidi. I need to share 3 positive things, for which I am thankful for, each day for five days. I also have the task of challenging three other friends with participating in the Challenge on my last day. I always do the month of thankful thing in November, and those get kind of deep and maybe a little corny, so for this one I am going to just go with the little things that are that day specific.
Today I have...
1- Spending long weekends away with friends.
2- Malibu rum and pineapple juice with a little dash of cinnamon.
3- Having a DVD player in the car for long drives with 4 little kids.

I won't be able to do the second day of my challenge until we get back, it seems we will be in the Twilight Zone with pretty much no service. I love it, hate it a little, but mostly love it LOL.
When we got into Florence we had to stop at Freddie's real quick. This guys car, dogs and couch were patiently waiting for his return, too funny not to snap a pic.

We got to the beach cabin right around bed time...even if the kids didn't agree.

It took a little bit to settle them down, but I hope they get a good nights rest...we have 3 busy days coming our way!

Jason and his long long time friend Barry, oh boy...what are we in for ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

OK, I am surprised.

Today was a quick open house at the triplets new school, we have about 10 days until school starts for them. I brought in our giant box of supplies, that was pretty heavy...glad I don't have to do this on the first day. We were really eager to see what classes the trio got into.

I had no idea that they were doing just one open house for all 6 grades, so I wasn't prepared for the mad house that it was. I have no idea what they didn't break it up over 2 days...K-2 then 3-5 but I guess that is just too much work. It was nutty, there was no where to park and just mass amounts of people everywhere. We got in and got out as quickly as possible.
They were so excited. Good news for Jericho, I heard his Pre-K will be tentatively starting on September 16th. So he will only have to sit out about a week while the trio go to school until he can go too.

My shocker of the day, the triplets actually were put in the same class!!! I was NOT expecting that at all. This is Mrs. Solispotocki, she has 3 year old twins herself, I guess when the Principle came to her and told her I would prefer to keep them together and asked if she would be willing she was totally on board. Please Xander, Hayden and Lily do not make your Mom look like a fool and make us all sorry LOL.
The kiddos got to sort and put away all their school supplies.

We got this note on our door last night. I wish they hadn't picked a day we were going out of town, we would love to help, and use it as a teaching moment for the kids...that you don't destroy something that is beautiful or that doesn't belong to you. The story I heard on this wall when we moved in was that a neighbor lady painted this years and years ago when she lost her son in combat. How rude to ruin something with such meaning. I hope word of this clean up finds its way to Ashley & Emily (better yet finds its way to their parents) and they employ other methods to declare their love in the future.

Ashley & Emily, you are a couple of twat waffles...grow up, have some respect. That goes for so many of today's I hope we do a better job with our munchkins.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rough day for Hayden.

The trio are loving this 'Are You Ready For Kindergarten' game, we have only gone through the first 2 levels of cards so far...but they did really well. They REALLY love the money and score keeping parts LOL.

Auntie Allie, thanks for the movie...we watch it about once a day LOL. I hear "Honey, where's my paaaannnnnts" and the 'Everything Is Awesome' song pretty much all day long :)

Miss Haddie was in for a bit of a rough day today. Her Dentist appointment to get the expander placed was today. No needles thank goodness, but it wasn't exactly a comfortable experience. Even so, she was very brave, only cried a little and never once yelled or balked at them. As a Momma I almost think the silent crying and watching her try to be brave and deal with the discomfort was harder on me than if she would have screamed and moved on them. They really are growing up.

This is what they placed in the roof of her mouth. I have the horrible task of turning a "key" every few days to expand the thing out wider. Which is really not fun for Haddie, The Dentist hopes she will only need it for 2-3 months. Fingers crossed.

My big brave six year old picked out a pink teddy as her reward. She was putting on a brave face.

Getting a good look at it. It is already a pain in the ass, she is having a real hard time eating and drinking with it...and sometimes food gets stuck up on it. Ugh I hope this works and the couple of months fly by.

She talks funny, and Xander told her to take it out he wants the old Hayden back :(

Her mouth was hurting her pretty good, I can only imagine how it feels to have some metal contraption in the roof of your mouth and then widened to expand your palate...can't be fun. I gave her some Tylenol and told her she needed to get her mind off it, that it was going to take a day or two to get used to it. We decided to take a walk together, this little lady bug flew right to us and landed for a minute or so.

We sat and swung for a little bit, it's really nice having a little 1:1 time sometimes.

She posed for ne quick picture for me...I love it!

She started feeling a bit better by the time we headed home, poor thing, I am not looking forward to turning that key again on Friday :(

We got started on a little project for their first day of school...can't wait to get it all done. School is going to start before we know it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good-byes suck.

We had a fun afternoon planned for my sister's last day here, but the end was always goes way too fast. I sure wish we could all live in the same city again, so the cousins could play together more often...they love each other so much, and so I could see my sister more than once or twice a year :( maybe one of these days...maybe.

It was a donut kind of morning...Mmmm!
This was kind of funny...reminded me of us doing our dolls hair side by side as kids. We had to get out of the house so Allie helped and put a braid in Lily's hair.

We decided to do a couple hours of bowling, my kids had never been. We all had a great time...even if some of us had more practice at it than others. Honestly, I was the worst...the 6 year olds were bowling better than me LOL.

The kiddos all had a blast, they had the bumpers up and this nifty thing to help them roll the ball where it needed to go.

Little man held the balls all by himself...he even bowled with heavier ones than we meant for him to have.

The trio got it pretty quickly, and did really well.

Seriously, they bowled more strikes than I did...sad LOL.

With authority Hahaha.

Xan man having fun!

Nice form Trent...Jason spanked the grown ups.

Haddie looking pro already, I swear this girl is just like her Dad...sending him out to play some sport or game and he is good at it. Slightly annoying to the rest of us Hehehe.

Line it up Bug.

Little cutie.

Hayden wanted to try once without the ramp. The ramp is still needed, but it was nice that she tried to push it. Little go getter that one.

I got more Lydia snuggles...I'm going to miss this little peanut.

We hit up the arcade for a little bit.

Xander and I blasted some cyborgs. I actually have always loved this game.

The girls played a long, long, game of air hockey...they loved it, they even made it fun to watch. In the end Haddie won, but it was close.

The adults had some fun too.

Trent had the winning case on Deal or No Deal! Score!

We grabbed some lunch, Trent MUST hit Burgerville at least once per trip :) , and headed to a fountain park.

Little turkey.

Apple slice smile LOL.

The trio were all about the water...especially Xander.

We did not know this was a water park when we decided to come here, good thing it was a beautiful day and we had a couple hours. Almost everyone was dry again when it came time to go.

Big cheese for this drowned rat :)

Getting in some last Rowan snuggles. I wish they didn't live so far away, I know Vegas isn't THAT far...but an hour would be too far for me :(

Jericho got his turn to hold baby Lydia...aren't they cute?!

It was a great day, and a fabulous trip. We miss you guys already. Love ya lots XOXOX