Friday, January 19, 2018

On the mend.

It has been pretty quiet around here. It has been a rainy week...still better than snow. This winter has been super milk, wonder if we are in for a crazy hot summer.

Kitsune got hip xrays taken today for her PennHIP clearances. I hope the results don't take forever and come back good. Fingers crossed.

Jericho caught a little something, thankfully not the flu, but he did miss a few days of school. He has been having a good time, making a mess and playing with the mutts.

I'm healing up, slower than I expected but I will get there. My old man OJ loves all the down time spent snuggling on the couch.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Beautiful January!

Today was first day trying to walk much more than from the bathroom to the couch. Walked around the farm a little, probably over did it...but the rain is supposed to be back tomorrow.
I took my first spill off a horse, ever, on Saturday. Quincy did some minor bucking and off I came.
I wish I wasn't in so much pain, I would love to get back on him and give his butt a serious work out. They have been stalled for almost 2 weeks, because they kept busting fences in their weak spots. So I know they are feeling cooped up, but that is no reason to kick up your heels and lose your rider...who was bareback. Turd.

Skeet got some time to run around today. She is such a good girl, I just hope once we finally turn her loose she doesn't roam too far.
Big girl for 13 months old. Hayden won her first Bball game on a lot, they lost their second game by 4 points though.

Cute fluff ball.
The piglets are growing slowly, I think the AGH grow a bit faster than the KK...that's OK not in a hurry.

Willie is pretty much all grown up now.

Goth our last AGH barrow, is slated for butcher 1/31...yummy!
This guy is a sweetie!

We got all our adult goats bred, fingers crossed. Babies should start arriving late April!

Hayden got Pepe a new little name and phone number tag, she is so proud LOL.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Five Nights At Freddy's for Jericho.

Jericho had an amazing Birthday party! Thanks to everyone that was able to join us and celebrate this wild kid turning 7! Jericho is all about Five Nights At Freddy's right now...he was stoked about his decorations and food.
The cake and cupcakes turned out pretty good.

We did Bonnie, Foxy and Chica fruit platters.
Lots of pizza of course. This party was the most laid was nice.

We had to come back to the same spot as last years party...the kids just love this pool.
Jericho's pre school buddy Zane made it out again this year...even though his mom took a red eye back from a business trip just the night before. That is friendship dedication I tell ya!
Almost 2 hours of swimming, diving, and pool slide fun!

Silly kids. Jericho had a great party!

Happy Birthday big guy...we love you!
After the party we took the kids to see Jumanji. It was funny! We don't go to the theater is like a $100 for 6 people and snacks, but we are already being begged to go back and see the new Jurassic Park when it comes out LOL.