Monday, April 21, 2014

Looks like we missed some eggs yesterday.

I thought we found all the eggs during our Easter egg hunt yesterday, but I was wrong. This morning I let Gangster out and noticed a couple birds were flying pretty low, and chattering at him a lot, they seemed ticked that he was there. I thought oh no, there must be a baby bird on the ground near by. They were really sticking by the area near the trampoline, so I called G into the house and crawled under the trampoline hoping to find the baby and get him to safety. I was looking and looking, just about to give up when I found a tiny surprise. A nest with 4 little eggs. Oh no.

Why, oh why Mommy and Daddy bird? Why would you pick a yard with 4 wild children and a big dog to build your tiny precious GROUND nest?!?! On top of that, you put it under the trampoline. I know it's judgey, but I started questioning their parenting skills immediately LOL. This is a dangerous area, in fact when the dog went to the bathroom this morning he dropped a bomb big enough to cover the entire nest not 5" from it...then walked back under the trampoline narrowly missing crushing it. Perhaps even more dangerous, a very curious 3 1/2 year old boy known for NOT being so gentle.

I took a few pictures then went in to research what these birds are and just what this is going to entail.
Here is the Daddy (darker head) and Mommy Dark-eyed Junco's. They are a type of sparrow, and a very common little bird. I also learned ground nests is what they do, so it seems these two aren't exceptionally bad decision makers in particular LOL.
The nest is on the ground just under the trampoline...if you can see that dandelion between the first and second tramp leg (from the left, closest to the 2nd leg) it is right there. Yeah, we need to mow...but we have been hit with a rainy week so the grass went a little nuts. That is probably when they built this nest...the kids jump on the trampoline every nice day, but we had a rainy 4 or 5 days there where we stayed inside. It is so funny how things work out...fate, everything happens for a reason or the butterfly effect, what ever you believe...had it not been rainy, the grass wouldn't be so tall and such good cover for a nest, the kids would have been outside more jumping on the trampoline possibly making the birds change their minds on nesting sites, and the dog would have been out there a lot more too, possibly walking on the nest or finding it and eating the eggs. Heck Jason was just under there yesterday grabbing a ball that rolled under there when they were playing baseball. Everything just worked out so this nest would be built here and it has managed to stay safe somehow...I really hope it makes it. The kiddos were jumping on the tramp yesterday though...and the birds are still here, so even though the trio agreed to give up jumping during this whole thing if Jericho won't cooperate I am hopeful the birds can handle it.

I spy a tiny nest!
4 sweet eggs. The eggs are laid 1 per day, so they have already been here at least 4 days. I can't believe they haven't been found...or accidentally crushed, by now.

Poor attempt at an artsy black and white LOL.

OK I got a little carried away snapping pictures...they are just so beautiful. I plan to check the nest once a day, so stay tuned...and keep your fingers crossed for a happy ending.

A penny for size is so tiny.
OK, backing away from the nest for today. Lily helped me clean the house a bit :)

Better run Gangster.
The kiddos are starting to take a real interest in our blog books/family albums. I have 2 more ready to print, but I have fallen way behind 2 years behind LOL.

Xander said "Don't worry Mom, I will be very careful with your special's very special right Mom?" Yes, dude...they take forever and are not cheap...please don't mess it up!

He was getting a kick out of all the old pictures in there.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Well I got my wish, the kids weren't up until after 7am...7:30 to be exact. The screams were loud, especially after the first kid to wake up saw the baskets and ran yelling to wake up the others LOL. Hey, at least they didn't just sit down and start going to town by themselves. I made breakfast first, then I let them go hunt the eggs, then they get to go through their baskets.

Bunny pancakes! These were super easy, I got the idea on Pinterest...but saw lots of people doing them on FB too. I am not sure how everyone else did theirs but mine is only 2 pieces, it helped to make the batter a little runnier than I usually make it. The head and ears are one pancake, the butt and feet are another pancake. The tail is a slice of banana with 4 mini marshmallows on top, the back feet are banana slices and pink jelly beans. The kids LOVED them

Yummy cuteness!

The hunt was fun. Jason had to work this morning, so he hid the plastic eggs last night and then hid the ones we dyed this morning before he left. He did a great took a good half hour to find all 60+ eggs.

The bigs were very good with letting their baby brother find some...they even shared a few that they found with him.

Lily found the one in the tree...and got it down the only way she could.

Good thing it was one of the plastic ones.

Because it hit the ground LOL.

You're getting hotter Haddie...just look right next to you :)

We were having serious trouble finding the last dyed egg. While Xander, Haddie and I were looking and looking, these two yahoo's said they needed a "snack break". Thanks for the help you two.

Once we located the last egg hiding, it was basket time!

Not sure what exactly you're doing Xan, but you look cool in your new shades doing it ;)

The kids were a HUGE fan of the bunny that delivered to Auntie Tia's house...they love everything, thanks!

The new shades were a highlight of the day.

The "Momma bunnies" was another...the girls LOVED them, I couldn't even talk Lily into sharing hers with me LOL.

The new baseball stuff was a hit too...though the glove is not so easy to get on, and requires some patience.

The boys had fun, but wanted to wait for their Dad to play anymore awww.

They each wanted to eat a hard boiled egg...Hayden was the only one really enjoyed it though. Tip if you buy the dye pack that comes with not use it, what a mess.

This is more like it...chocolate bunny time!

Jericho's bunny looks like it was mauled when we put them away for the day LOL.

When Jason got home he went out to play a little ball with the kiddos.

Lily said the pitcher needs to be on top of a big brown pile of dirt and wind up their arm. Yup, just like that Bug, nice job!

Back to Dad, here's the windup and the pitch.

This is when Xander showed up with homemade grass pom poms, and the girls told his delight, that he could be the cheerleader. Dad loved it LOL.

Haddie cracked me up a couple times was when she asked her Dad "Why is Mom so uptight?" This is after I told her "one peep is enough, they are gross anyways."

The other time was when she asked "Mom...what's crop dusting?" And no, she wasn't talking agriculture, I know this because she was sitting next to her Dad, who it seems never outgrew fart humor LOL.

Speaking of funny...Lily, that is a great look for you LOL

One last treat of the day...
Happy Easter to kind to each other.