Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Clean up crew.

First two girls in the mobile kidding unit. Hopefully we see babies this week...love this time of year!

Bella is off to be a cadaver dog. Her new person has another Dutchie, that is a working cadaver dog, and a lot of experience. We were 100% forth coming with all of Bella’s issues...even the ones she wouldn’t display when we tried, of course she is trying to make a liar out of me LOL. We have everything crossed that this is a perfect fit and just what Bella needs.

The kids cleaned their rooms today. Hayden thinks they have been cleaning too long LOL. Hayden says she’s been cleaning for 50 years.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Working out.

Working on some wet blankets today...didn't get a long ride, but it was long enough for the boys to work up a little sweat.

This little girl watched us ride around the arena for an hour so she could pet the horses when we were done.

Dani’ little side kick Mo

DNA tests don't lie...those of you that have Dutchies know this is 100% truth LOL!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wrestle mania.

Everybody was kung fu fighting...well, wrestling anyway. The dogs were going nuts, the children were going nuts...summer is in the air!
Kitsune the fetch Queen.

Everyone got good and exercised.

Ragnar is such a handsome boy!

Take downs.

Baya and Ragnar have such a good time playing with each other.

Ragnar returned with a giant box of spoiled puppy supplies LOL. He is currently looking for his new home.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Game time.

The rain held off for Jericho’s game!!

Xander resting up for his game while his brother plays. He is getting some cute freckles.

Last game for Xan. They ended 12 and 2 for the season I think, first place.  Xander didn’t get a hit, but he did stop a grounder and threw it to 1st for an out...and made it home after getting hit with a pitch. His first year has gone pretty well, I think he is a fan. They did really great!!

Xander, and his teammate Ricky, had to miss picture day so the kids were nice enough to let me take a team pic.