Monday, November 17, 2014

He makes these look good!

Xander went for his second opinion today on his vision tests. Jason took him, and his sisters HAD to go too. Jericho and I hung out at home waiting for the news. This Doctor also found that he is farsighted, it is not really bad...and glasses are not even 100% necessary, but they would help. I think the script is for pretty weak. The second Doctor also thinks he can likely outgrow the need for glasses in the next couple of years, but for now he will be sporting some glasses.
Jason sent me some crappy text photos as they were picking, they did not do my dashing young man any justice. He picked two pairs, but one are his super duper fact he loved them so much he didn't want to leave them there and wait for the frames and correct prescription lenses to come in the mail LOL. The Doctor told Jason if he loves them so much he can wear the floor model, without prescription lenses, home and we can bring them back when his come in the mail. I will have to share pics of his other pair when they get here, but these are what his fave pair look like.
The kid has good, and expensive, taste. He saw these and wouldn't let them go, he didn't even want to pick a second pair...he was all about these "red" ones LOL.

He is so cute...even in glasses :)

I guess the lady that was showing him frames tried to get him to go with blue, but he wasn't giving up the red. I think he did a great job picking.
They make him look a little hipster LOL.

He also had to have this case. I'm glad he is excited for his glasses, I just hope he doesn't get teased or anything.
Lily and I popped out front for a little 5 minute photo session in that hat I love. The sun was going down, and really gave her hair a coppery tone. I have the hardest time picking my here are a few.

My poor toothless kid...I hope those two grow in soon, they give her a bit of a meth head smile LOL.

Bug, you are just too adorable XOXOX.
I had to change some of the photos into black and whites...sometimes I just love the mellow peaceful quality black and white gives.

Lily put her Equestria girls to bed like this tonight, they look comfy don't the boots LOL. is Prematurity Awareness Day. I am still very aware of the triplets rough start in life, I don't think it will ever go away. 

We were so fortunate when I had labor start at just 25 weeks pregnant with the triplets, after 3 different meds and a steroid shot, my Doctors were able to get it stopped. Many are not as lucky. I still ended up with babies born at 31 weeks 2 days, but the extra 6 weeks made a huge difference. Our time in the NICU was a bit of a blur...but I am thankful that I have 3 healthy children today. I am also thankful for these great photos and video wonderful to have these memories. Check out my old blog posts for more new born trio pics and video, also have some here of them about a week old. Hard to believe they were ever so tiny.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Batman party in the works!

I need to get a start on Jericho's 4th...oh my gosh what?!...Bday party. With Thanksgiving and then Christmas, a New Year's Eve birthday can sneak up on you. I asked Jericho yesterday what kind of party he wanted, theme wise, we are having this one at a big inflatable jumping place. He wasn't too sure what he wanted so I tossed out some suggestions, he zeroed in on Batman about 2 seconds after I said it. Batman it is!
This morning I had a brilliant idea for a cute invitation picture, it actually worked out pretty well, despite my limited face painting skills. My wee little cute!

I only spent about 5 minutes snapping pictures, so I was happy to get the couple of good ones that I got.

This one ended up the he not the cutest little superhero ever?!?! I love his beautiful hazel eyes.

Of course big brother wanted his face painted too, then wanted it washed off 3 minutes later...I kid you not.

The invite I slapped together in 5 minutes turned out nice too.

My littlest superhero needed a cat nap today...har har har, see what I did there ;)

So sweet.

Our neighbor, "Katie Lady" as the kiddos call here, was having her nephews over tonight for a movie night. She came over and invited Xander to join them. He was super excited...and had a blast!

What do you do when one of your four amigos gets to go somewhere and the others are upset because they couldn't? You have a late night snack and movie night yourself LOL.

Haddie was pretty proud of this...she worked on it, by herself, off and on all day. Finally done! Nice job Hayden!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Full Friday...whew.

The calm quiet before the storm that was today's pretty full schedule.
Woosaw was critiquing my art work LOL.

She was very thorough and spent a good 5 minutes just sitting here staring up at different pictures. I did check, but I saw no spiders or bugs that were calling her attention.
First up on my schedule, a 9am report to spend 2 hours in the triplets classroom. They had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off for the 4 day weekend, then they went to school Wednesday, Thursday was off for a snow and ice storm (that never happened...of course) so today their teacher needed some help getting a weeks worth of stuff done. I had already planned to spend an hour with the class today helping out during a Thanksgiving craft, but their teacher texted me last night and asked if I could come early and lend a hand. It was a fun time...almost made me think I could be a Kindy teacher....ALMOST Hahaha!!! Xan got done with his work and was allowed to hang out in their clubhouse and read a book.

The little kids 5th grade buddies joined us for a little while to help with the written part of the Thanksgiving craft. The Kindy kids sure love having big buddies!

Another mom and myself helped the kiddos paint their hand for the craft. It was one I did with my kids almost exactly three years they kind of knew the drill.

They were so excited that I was working in their classroom again, it was so cute.

Time flies when you are having fun with a bunch of six year olds. The trio wanted to ride the bus home, they love riding the bus...they are going to be bummed when they don't get to next year. I headed home alone, to meet their bus LOL.

Next stop...Xander's eye exam.
They did an exam at school, we got a letter home stating we should have him looked at further.

He had a lot of fun...and did pretty well, even with the eye drops and dilation.

It seems he is far sighted right now, the Doctor says almost all babies are born far sighted...and it is a good thing. As they grow it corrects itself so they see normally. Xander is a little too far sighted for his age, she thinks there is a very good chance it will even itself out by middle school, but for the time being she thinks he needs glasses. NOOOooooo. Not the news I wanted to hear, I am not a fan of glasses personally and know kids can be so mean, I worry about my sweet boy. I told Jason we need a second opinion before we strap him with nerd goggles. So we will take him to a different place Monday for a second opinion, and possibly some hella cool glasses that he can rock. No offense meant to anyone who wears glasses, I was just trying to make myself laugh before I got too upset about the whole thing.

He wore the glaucoma special shades home.

Sunglasses selfie LOL.

When I got home we got busy, I'm sure Jason loves how I throw the "we" in there, making dinner for our friends who were coming by for dinner and a movie night. Always the best time hanging out with my friend Dina and her crew.

OJ got lots of love tonight.

Chilling watching a couple movies, How To Train Your Dragon 2 and The Lego Movie.

Good times. Whew, glad this Friday is over.
A funny from last night to share, not my brightest parenting moment, but funny nonetheless... As usual Jericho was messing around at dinnertime acting like a 3 1/2-year-old. I told him he better sit down and eat because I was about to lose my shit on him, Lily pipes up with "you mean you're going to lose your temper" LOL. Yes, Lily that is what I meant.