Monday, August 22, 2016

A weekend off.

After Enchanted Forest and over the weekend we had no kids for a total of 4 nights...what ever did Jason and I do? We did whatever we wanted Hahaha.
It was an amazing huge full moon tonight.
After spending a couple hours school supply shopping and having a quiet dinner out, we got a wild hair and decided to play drink pong Friday night. I had never played before.

Things started off good...I got the first ball landed. Drink up babe!

The first game was close...but I lost. The second game was close....but I lost. Then I was done LOL. Jason is such a cheater...keeping it close so I didn't have to drink alone I bet. A fun Friday night!

Played this for the first time Saturday night over at our friends Barry and Michele's...ended up a late night LOL, good thing we planned to stay the night anyway. My face and abs hurt from laughing so much.

Ava left us for a new home. We gave it almost a year, but I finally had to make the hard call...she just was not the right horse for our family at our current stage of experience. She did teach me a lot, and gave me a good brush up on my horsemanship. We found her a wonderful home....that I truly hope will be her perfect fit, she deserves that.
Today these little Silver Fox kits are 2 weeks old. I took them out for a little stroll and photo shoot today.

I took our last Silver Fox kit from our first litter to his new home today. Our 5 Silver Fox babies are all gone now, 4 sold with pedigrees and I traded 1 with pedigree for a pedigreed buck that isn't related to my current trio. I got a tattooing lesson in the deal as well, now I need to buy one of these.

Meet our new buck...the kids, continuing with the Fox names being Superheroes while the Rex buns are named after villians, named the new guy Aquaman. They picked it pretty quick, and said it was because he is blue LOL. Now to find a nice new doe too.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Still Enchanting.

We hit up The Enchanted Forest for our annual trip today. We have been coming here with the kids Grandma every summer for the last 6 summers. The kids...and the adults, have changed so much since our first trip here.
They were just babies. Xan, Haddie and Bug had just turned 3, Jericho was about 7 months.

Cousin Hailee, Auntie Amber and Grandma Jo joined us this year.

Checking out the attractions...they got a paint job recently it looks like.
They never get tired of this place....even if they have been here a half dozen times.

The parental units...we aren't looking 6 years older, right? LOL

It was supposed to be like 100 degrees today, so glad this place has lots of shade.

The witch slide...still fun.

No slide for me today, but here is another blast from the past....

Next time, bring more change.

All this stuff is really is so nice that the kids can finally do almost everything here on their own. Bittersweet as it is.

Time to hit up the rides!
Girl time!

The bigs are big enough to ride the rides by themselves as of this year....this was a VERY big deal LOL.
Jason, me, Jericho, Auntie Amber and Grandma quickly figured out that if we are all in one log we make a very very big splash Hahaha.

We were close enough to see the kid log...they had a blast.

This was the grown up splash...we probably did this ride a half dozen times, good thing it was almost 100 today...we were all soaked to the bone.

A couple fill in rides minus Jason. Funny the kids didn't NEED us to ride with them...but a few times today they WANTED us to ride with them. Filing this away for the teen years.

Another first...driving! The trio hit the height limit to drive the bumper cars alone this year. Lily wasn't quite ready...but boy you couldn't keep Hayden away. I think she drove at least 10 times LOL.

Daddy and Jericho...looking for victims.

Not too big for the choo choo....yet.

Of course we had to do the Frog Hopper.

It is tradition.

More driving!

High fives.

About sums up the awesomeness of this trip!

The little play is always a hit with the kids. This year Hailee and Hayden were both asked to help.

Kiss kiss.

Ended the trip with the little water show, then dropped the kids off at Grandma's for 3 night. What a great ending to a perfect day LOL. Until next year Enchanted Forest!