Friday, July 25, 2014

Shots, the good kind...and the bad.

The triplets had their 6 year check up today, and everyone...even Jericho, left with a shot each. They were prepared for it, and this time it was only Hayden who cried and put up a stink about it. Xander actually asked to go first, pulled up his shorts leg and kept saying "Hello shot, I'm ready for my shot now" as the nurse was talking to us and not ready to jab him quite yet. They are 4 shots away from being totally caught up...I am so glad we took our time and did it the way we felt comfortable, but I am also glad we did them. I do think vaccinations are important...just not so many so soon.
I wish we all didn't love their Doctor so much, it was really nice coming here when we just lived a 5 min drive that we moved, depending on traffic, it can take 30 minutes to over an hour to get there. Today was one of the over an hour days, which made us late...thankfully she still saw them all anyway.

Xan giving his heart a listen.

Duck walk time, she has them do this waddle back and forth while quacking like a duck...she joked that she has a medical reason for the movement, but the quacking is just to add a little smile to her day LOL.

They don't seem to mind :)

My itty bitty babies are such big kids now, they haven't even hit their growth spurt for the year yet either I don't think.

Xander weighed in at 49 1/2 lbs...75th %. He is 47 1/2" tall...85th %, meaning out of 100 6 year olds he is taller than 85 of them. He is still looking on target to be at least 6'1"!

Haddie is again the biggest, for now...we keep telling her to enjoy it while she can because her brothers will eventually catch her and surpass her LOL. She is 53 lbs...85th %. She is 48 1/4" tall...oh my gosh she is just over 4 feet tall! That puts her at the 95th % for height. We are hoping she can hit at least 5'9"

Lily weighed in at 45 1/2 lbs....50th %. She is 46 1/2" tall...75th % for height. They are thinking she will hit 5'6"...but I am hoping she will surprise them with a little more.

Goof balls.

Baby brother photo bomb.
We got a rough weight and height check on him, no promises on accuracy, but he looks to be 33 1/2 lbs and 39" tall.
Our traditional mirror photo...they are getting harder and harder now that the kids are so big.

A few favorites from the past.

Jason's sister Stacie and one of the bands she sings in, Voodoo Highway, had a gig in our neck of the woods. We were so glad to get a sitter and be able have a fun night out. It had been a good 2 or 2 1/2 years since we were at The Copper Penny, it tends to have a bad reputation...but tonight went off with out a hitch.

There were quite a few more shots to be had today, but these one required no needle LOL. Fireball!!!

Groupies LOL!

Great show guys...can't wait for the next one :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gotta get our pool parties in while we can.

Another beautiful 90+ degree day...time to hit the pool again! We invited a few friends to join us, and stayed to have a pot luck dinner. I love days like this.

Miss Lily has been a moody thing lately, today was no different. She was so cranky in fact she felt she needed to "meditate and find some inner peace" LOL. I love cranky kids that can be brought around by being made to she was trying to meditate, and kept shhh-ing anyone that talked to her, I asked her is she was going to be eating dew and universe juice for dinner. She recognized the Kung Fu Panda quote right away and couldn't keep a straight face :)

One of their funny Bday gifts...the giant glasses are so hard to keep on, I had a tough time getting a good picture.
Super silly!

Auntie Amber and Hailee came with...Amber tried to give herself an asthma attack blowing up this big turtle float. We really need a better way to blow up pool toys LOL.

Hayden, and even Jericho, made more advancements in the pool today. Haddie got right in and right off the steps. Jericho got in and got himself on the lower steps right away.

Xander is still refusing to leave the sides and steps...I never would have thought he would be our holdout. He still freaks out when Jason or even I take him in deeper while holding his hands.

When we take him back to the side after forcing him to go with us deeper in the pool he scolds us with "You shouldn't do that, I'm sensitive" Hahaha...gotta love him.

The girls were having fun while they waited for Hailee's swimming lesson to be over.

Hahaha Jason had no idea what his impromptu float looked like.

We tried to get all the kids on the turtle float but Xander freaked out and wouldn't hold still.

The girls sat still for one picture at least.

I actually got in today, I don't like a cold pool...but the thermometer said the water was 79-82 (deep end vs shallow end) which is more to my liking. The first plunge doesn't feel 80...but after just a minute or two it was perfect.

Jericho loved that turtle...I did too, it kept his little butt stranded and he couldn't get out and get into trouble.

My friend and her kiddos joined us, my kids are always excited to play with Tristan, Jordan and Natalia!!! Jason's friend Timmy and his girlfriend Brooke also joined us.

Alexia tried on the giant glasses too :)

More pool time after dinner. Auntie Amber got Jericho off the steps and trusting his puddle jumper more!

Flying Jordan.

We were treated to a little concert of some Frozen tunes by the girls...even though it took 20 huddles and 15 "Give us a moment"'s as they ran off to practice the words, it was totally cute.

Finished them off with some competitive calisthenics...they were all pretty good sports LOL. Jordan looks like his is about to werewolf out, funky arms dude.

Hugs bye for Gangster.

I'm already dreading the end of summer...what a fun day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Xander's turn to ride.

Xander has been waiting and waiting for his turn to ride, since Hayden and Lily went on their rides. Today was the day! He was extra happy since today his Dad would be riding with him.

Xander picked Bella to ride, and Jason got to ride Dixie.
A little pre-ride grooming.

Excited and ready to go!

Everyone came today, they watched (the girls were not too happy about it) and Jericho kept out of trouble...for the most part.

Jason looks excited doesn't he? He is not the horse nut I am, but I wasn't feeling too well today so I asked him to take my place.

Jericho has to wait until he is 4 to start riding here. He sure seemed interested, I just wish this place wasn't so far away.

Kat is a very patient person, lucky for Xander LOL. He would not pay attention, didn't seem to grasp her instructions and would not stop talking about everything under the sun. I don't think serious lessons are in his future, at least not anytime soon.

While Kat was having a heck of a time with Xan, Jason was having a heck of a time with Dixie. She was a bit slow going when I rode her but she minded well...Jason couldn't make her listen to him until about the last 10 minutes of his ride LOL.

The other kiddos spent some time playing in a little waiting room they have.

They also spent a lot of time watching.

A little after ride grooming and treats from all the kids.

Nice job keeping your fingers Jericho.

A little meal time funny from yesterday.

 Xander: Is this a dead chicken?

 Jericho: Yeah, Albertsons killed it.