Thursday, July 23, 2015

Starting paint and floors.

Time is getting short. The chickens got to move to the new house today...the rest of us are a good 5 days out.

Back it up.

Found out that our property is covered in Tansy...a beautiful but poisonous plant. Gotta figure out the best way to deal with it. The new neighbors spray it with herbicides. We hate to do that, but I can't have our animals dying either.

Auntie Amber and Cousin Hailee came to check out the farm...and help us get some flooring down today.

I got busy painting.
The kiddos all picked their bedroom colors...I was scared for Xander's room LOL.

Thankfully his dried better than I expected.

Dinner break.

Jericho's room was next...he wanted blue.

Not too bad boys.

That fun moment when you realize you accidentally covered two vents and have to backtrack LOL.
Floor done...ready to paint. Whew, long, long days.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where's Waldo?

More adventures...more fun...more critters. Found a cute little frog today.

He got passed around of course, but was eventually released unharmed.

The kiddos wanted to go on a "hike" down to the for sale sign in our front pasture area. It was like a Where's you spot the kids?

Kitsune was late to the party.

Off she goes to catch up to her charges.

The boys found a couple Great Tiger Moths.

Oreo's and moth wrangling.

The kids have been hounding Jason for another trailer ride all day...they got a short ride up and down the driveway.

Kitsune had fun too.

The wall is down, need to do a little smoothing and painting. That whole will be the opening to the girls closet, we will rewall from that small amount of wall we left over to the left wall.

Starting to get the paper down, floors next. We need to move in in the next 4-5 days...eekkk. Always such a time crunch.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Having remodel flashbacks.*

While this face lift won't be near as much work as our last house remodel...some of it seems awfully familiar. The new flooring arrived today, unloading all those boxes was not fun.

Good thing we have some little helpers.

The highlight of their day, riding in the trailer while their Dad backed it up, silly kids.

A cool desk we got from the pole barn is heavier than a mo fo, but it will look awesome in the game room/kids hang out barn.

Someone took a lot of time hand painting neat.

I dig.

Got that wall almost how it opens up the room.

When we were at Justin's today grabbing the water jugs and desk, Kitsune discovered the joys of a rope swing.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Demo by Dutchie.*

This was the last carton of eggs we bought, it was back on the 3rd of I have 2 dozen eggs sitting in my fridge. I need more cartons LOL. We did have one of our girls die last night, pretty sure it was a combo of the heat and the neighbors kid getting into our yard and chasing her down to hold her when we weren't home. Can't wait to be out on our 10 acres with no one coming over unless invited. More chickens...and my first rooster are on the list just as soon as we are settled in.
Before heading to the new house to get some more work done we stopped over to pick up some of these huge fluid containers. We plan to use them on the farm for watering animals and stuff like that....once we clean them out. They are food grade, they used to have HFCS in them per the label. The syrup sludge in the bottom is not going to be fun to clean though.
The guys dumped what sludge they could before loading, to make them lighter, this poor little guy took a swim in the sticky sludge. He wouldn't have made it, so I grabbed him up and got some soapy water and washed all the gunk off. When I picked him up I told him I was trying to help and he better not bite me. He didn't, he didn't even bite the kids that wanted to hold him after I washed him off.
I love little garter snakes...and now so do the kids.

He was released safe and sound, hopefully he steers clear of the gunk.

A quick sandwich dinner up at the farm, Jericho sat holding a praying mantis while he ate his dinner. This was so the right place for us!!

While Jason and I were inside doing more work the kids kept busy playing out side. Kitsune stuck with them the whole time. She usually shadows either me or Jason, it was really cool to see her staying out with the kiddos on duty watching over them.

All the carpet, pad and staples are out, next step before we can put the new floors in is to demo this room. We invited the kids to help, we all had a can be very relaxing just smashing away at a wall.

Everyone got a turn. Kitsune was right up in the mix of course.

That is a game face right there LOL.

We kicked it up a notch...and everyone was kung fu fighting :)

Love this 4 kid wrecking crew!

Kitsune was really getting into the demo too.

Demo by Dutchie LOL.

This girl really gets into her work LOL.

She even loved jumping through the hole in the wall...she is so fun.