Sunday, March 19, 2017

A little sun!

The sun graced us with its appearance today. So nice, the rain is not done with us yet though I fear. So ready for summer, feels like it will never get here. Kitsune and Lycan got some good runs in today. Burning off that energy.

He is beating Kitsune to the toy more often...she does not appreciate it LOL.

No two are out of shape from your winter off.
Hayden and Lily came out to play with the baby goats today.
Such cuties!
No Hayden...not keeping any of these boys, save your begging for any doelings we may get.

This is the best this country life!

It a baby boy bonanza!

Begging for some milk.

Classy...please give me some blue eyed girls!

Willie is such a sweetie, this pig is so chill.

Lena has a little over a month to go, she should be our next doe to kid.
This guy won his Grand Championship in two weekends. I am not at all big on bunny showing, I actually didn't even take him myself to 2 or the 3 shows LOL. Glad he is done if he would just let me get a good picture of him.

A small remodel on the kids bathroom is under way.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Get your burn on.

Not a baby goats favorite day, poor babies...good thing they are in the best hands with my friend and goat guru Traci. She makes this look easy...and a lot less traumatic than I would.

There were escape attempts.

There was a lot of trash talking too, but they all made it through just fine.

No matter what they may try to tell you.

It was a beautiful day we all got to spend some much needed time outside.
Willie and Hooch had a fun time sparring with each other.

It was quite funny to watch.

Watch out behind you Willie!

Classy and Lena are starting to feel more comfortable...hoping to move them in with the other does soon.

The babies were very happy to see their moms after their rough morning.

When is 3 a crowd? When mom only has two teats Hahaha!

TicTacToe is my fave little boy...he is growing really nicely so far.

2 weeks old and trying to be a ladies man. Little imp.

My fingers are crossed that Lulu is having Heartbreaker babies in May. I know it didn't work with Heidi and she will end up with Hooch babies this year, but Lulu still has me hoping.

Lycan is doing a great job with the goats so far...even the wee bittys.

My handsome lug. He has settled in like he never left...and so far some of his more annoying quirks are a tad bit less annoying.
Jason finally got a new TV to replace the one Jericho broke last summer. Jericho has been threatened warned to not break this one LOL. It has been a long time with our much smaller bedroom tv, this one seems...well, too big, if that is possible. Jason assures me it is not. Hopefully I get used to it.