Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bunnies and pumpkins.

Born during a yucky storm...means you get a little extra attention. No, Kitsune is not trusted without supervision LOL. Miss Yzma is doing a good job being a first time mom...hope we got lots of nice babies out of her and Dr. Doom.

Since bunny moms only feed their babies once a day, late at night or first thing in the morning, I am bringing the little wigglers inside during the day. Just trying to give them a little edge for the first week, it is so yucky and wet out makes me feel better having them inside.
This little one decided to go for a swim in a food dish that had puddled during the storm. So he got a bath and spent the afternoon inside to get fully dry before heading back out. Plenty of bunny babysitters lined up to take care of him.

We got the other 3 storybook pumpkins done. Jericho has Lego Batman books, so of course he wanted to do a Batman pumpkin.

Turned out pretty good....Jericho loves his Batman pumpkin.
Xander really loves the 'Fly Guy' he wanted a Fly Guy pumpkin.

Arm holes...Xan had fun helping make this fly, he came up with the wing fabric on his own.
Turned out cute!
Hayden of course picked a Hello Kitty book. We spray painted the pumpkin white...the girls did remind me at least half a dozen times that we should have just bought a Cinderella pumpkin. Like duh, didn't even think about it.

All 4 done. Now to get them to the kids school without them falling apart.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Storm preps.

Yucky storms moving in, started last night..supposed to get worse before it gets better. We spent a lot of time prepping the critters. There was already damage...fingers crossed we don't get hit too hard.

Our turkey chick trio are getting big.
New chicken momma brought her babies out around the flock already...the solo chick mom is still keeping to herself.

Xan found one of the new baby chick's not looking so good. Sadly he didn't make it, but it wasn't for lack of TLC.

This little lad took a bite from another boy grow out bunny. Now he is in baby bunny hospital, hopefully he can pull through. Kitsune offered to be his nurse, but I don't quite think I can trust her.

Extra loves.

This wind is crazy. One of our big bunny tractors blew over tonight...with 6 bunnies inside. We were out there with flashlights until 11. Captured 5 of them. Hopefully we get the last girl tomorrow. Saturday is supposed to be worse. Ugh. Time to move the tractors to their winter locale.
**News flash** Nabbed the 6th the next morning, whew.

Any storm blows through and we get pretty big wind gusts...always trees down. So far we have been really lucky with very little damage done, and no one hurt. This must have been a close call. This tree branch fell and shot right through one of our pig shelters.

This one took out a little of our hot wire fencing.

Got Scooter put up in the barn tonight, first time since the Spring thaw. The winds tonight are just too scary.

The rest of the night we hunkered down and hoped the power stayed on....which it did! 

The kids each have a pumpkin to decorate after a favorite character for a school project. We got Lily's done today.

Stormy day off from school...great day for PJ's and pumpkin decorating. One down, 3 to go.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pumpkin patch Bday bash.

Our friends little boy had a fun spooky birthday party at a pumpkin patch today. Such a great time...and the weather cooperated! Face painting always fun!

My little kitty girls!

The boys went with a darker idea.
Love this kids peepers...beautiful hazel eyes!
So handsome!

Xander and his baby blues.

Lots of cute kids and cute critters.

A hay maze with a scary center kept the kids busy for hours.
Hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Good fun with friends!


Finding the perfect pumpkin.

Looks like a good one Lily!

Ride back.
After party...staying warm by the fire.