Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time to get scared.

Adult night out! Thankfully Lily was feeling fine, and Grandma was able to come watch the kiddos, so Jason and I could keep our plans with my brother and sister in law to hit up some haunted houses.

We started off with some drinks and grub.

There may have been some more drinks.

Photo op!


About to go in...hold me!

My bro...we were listening to bad karaoke, a funny addition to any haunted house LOL.

Group photo...everyone looks scared right?
Jason and I stopped for a couple games of pool before heading home. 
Great night!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On the road to recovery.

We had a hospital recheck with the Pedi today. Lily is still doing well. Bug was hoping that we could stop the 3-4 nebulizer treatments per day but her O2 stats today, just an hour after a treatment, were only at the Pedi says they must continue. Good news, after today she can stop taking the steroids...which she hates more than the nebulizer anyway. Believe me the rest of us are glad too, roid raging Lily is not a pretty sight Hahaha. The Doc feels it very well could have been the D68 strain since it hit her so hard, she also thinks from here on out we will put Lily in the asthma category even though she hasn't had a lot of issues. She is a tough kid...hopefully in the next few days she will be good as new.

After this hospital ordeal I now have at least one kid who wants to be a Doctor, I think the masks help, they love these masks LOL.
We decided to go to an old fave Thai place for lunch, I love love love the food here...I won't give any other Thai place a chance LOL. Though I need to, 'Authentic Thai' is not close to us anymore.

The kiddos were not so sure about trying the food, but everyone ended up really enjoying the dishes that they spicy stuff for them though.

Back to school for all the kiddos tomorrow, they are excited. What was supposed to be a 4 day weekend...due to the teacher conferences, ended up a 6 day break. I'm ready too LOL.

One last bit of awesome news to share...our soon to be new family member was born on Friday! Shhh it is a secret. We got a pic of the babies at 1 day old, aren't they adorable! I can not wait to surprise the kiddos on Christmas morning!!! They have missed Gangster so much, they talk about him at least every other day.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sleeping in your own bed is so nice.

Lily surprised everyone and woke up in the mid 90's on her O2 stats and doing great this morning. The Doctor brought her a big bag with lots of candy in it, he said it was a consolation prize for having to miss the costume party tonight. The triplets were all super bummed and crying when we had to break the news that we couldn't go to the party...I'm going to try to find something else to dress up for. We hung around for a few hours...watched more movies, it was like a movie marathon weekend.

At one point Lily asked to watch the movie Brave, about 20 minutes later she noticed that we had not started it yet. She leaned over to me and whispered "You're fired". Good thing Bug hasn't lost her sass.

She got to take a nice wheel chair ride out of the hospital around noon. We were both ready, 2 nights in a hospital feels like 4. Night 1 she was so out of it she was out, last night not so much. Lots of whining about the IV, about going home, about not sleeping in her bed alone...which actually was ok, I think sharing her hospital bed was more comfy than being on my little pull out alone LOL.
The kiddos were ecstatic to be together again, Haddie made her sister an awesome card.

So sweet! For some reason my kids are all in denial that Lily has red hair, she is the blonde and Hayden is the brunette in these drawings.

She is on Prednisolone twice a day and nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day for a few days, then hopefully we can stop them. She has to check in every couple days at the Pedi's office to make sure this thing doesn't sneak back up on her. The PICU Doc cleared her to go back to school, but we decided to hold everyone out until Wednesday, to hopefully cut down on the chance of spreading this around anymore. I know it is "just a virus" like any other cold or flu virus, but I would sure appreciate it if more parents kept their sick kids at we are trying to do our part.  My little Bug kicked Enterovirus ass!

A little funny...Another item the PICU staff sent Lily home with was the stethoscope they used on her in her room. This is proving to be a very fun parting gift. The kids are listening to every things heart beat...even items that do not posses one. The girls were just now listening to each others hearts. Lily took off running around in circles about 5 times then ran over to Hayden and said "Hurry Hayden listen before it stops." LOL!!! No stopping heart, no stopping! 

I got a couple consolation prizes of my own when I got home. My two new canvas prints!
I love this photo, I took at the fishing derby this summer.

I love my walls!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Baby Bug is a fighter.

Poor Lily had a rough night. She was on a continuous breathing treatment and a high level of oxygen all night and into the morning. She slept pretty well, I got about 3 hours LOL.

Poor sweetie.

Jericho had school today, so after Jason dropped him off he brought a very concerned Xander and Hayden to see their sister for an hour or so. They were so happy to see each other. Xander kept telling the Doctor and Nurses to take good care of his sister.

Hayden made Lily a small card.

A little while after the kids left the Nurses came in and took her off the breathing treatment and also took her off the oxygen. She was still working hard, but was keeping herself in the upper 80' they let it remain off and just kept and eye on her. She was allowed a popsicle, which she didn't eat all of but enjoyed a little bit of it. Things were looking up!

A hospital staff member came in to see how our stay was, she showered Lily with a bunch of stuff to do. In addition to having any kids movie you could think of (seriously 600+ movies in their library) they make it like a mini Christmas around here...if she could get that IV out Bug would quite possibly be fully enjoying her stay LOL.

The kiddos had plans to go to Grandmas for dinner when Jason headed off to work, then Grandma would take them back to our house and stay with them either until I got home with Lily or Jason got home from work. Jason brought everyone by for another short visit on their way to Grandma's house. The girls got to do some coloring together. Hayden didn't want to leave, she wanted to move into the hospital with us.

Jericho was of course a little pest, I couldn't believe it when the Nurses came in saying how much everyone loved our family and that our kids were just so well behaved. I guess I should cut him some slack.

Lily got to eat her first meal, since dinner the night before, around 3pm today. She ate every bite! We were really thinking we were getting out today, then the Doctor came in to let us know the blood tests they sent off came back and we had our answer. Bomb is about to be dropped. Lily tested positive for the dreaded Enterovirus. We don't know if it is the really bad D68 strain, as that takes extra testing at the CDC. Unless she starts getting really bad they won't be testing her for which strain. She is still doing really well, but considering what virus she has they are keeping her one more night just to make sure they have things under control. This means no costume party tomorrow night...this is going to break all our kids hearts. Mine too actually, all that work on the costumes and now we can't

Grandma stopped by with all the kiddos on their way to our house. They had all helped her make a stuffed kitty for Lily and packed her some cookies. I want to thank everyone for the calls and well wishes and everything, it means a lot. This is one loved little girl. Fingers crossed we get to go home tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

First school pictures, teacher conferences and ER's.

We had a crazy day around here. It started off so great, but ended with a kiddo in the ICU...and that is never good.
We'll start off with the good news. Our 1st parent teacher conference was today. The trio are doing great in class, I'm so pleased...but not too surprised, I mean they are pretty great kids if I do say so myself LOL. Jason and I both really like their teacher, and already see so much growth in just one plus is amazing. Lily read me a book tonight, pretty much all on her own. She came in to Kindy at a level B for reading according to her teacher...which was news to me, we read to them a lot, but had never asked them to try reading to us...anyway I guess Lily is now at a level C. The girl can read, like read, she can make it through a whole 30 page beginner book with very little help! Xan and Haddie are not too far behind her at level B, they too can read us beginner books..with just a bit more help. They adore school and learning...I hope we can keep that going. Top it off with this cuteness...their first school pictures, which turned out pretty great too.

 Xander, your teacher says you are a very sweet and kind boy. She told us you are very smart and work well for her. She also says you need a lot of instruction and attention...and that you tend to get into a little bit of rowdiness with your friend Emanuel.
Haddie, the teacher told us you are her model student. You are very attentive and do everything you are supposed to with gusto. You tend to be a leader and getting things done right and perfectly is very important to you.

Miss Lily, your teacher had a lot of glowing things to say about you to...but you know what sticks out the most to your Dad and I? She said you are not lazy at all in school....WHAT?!?! According to Mrs. Pitocki you are a hard worker and a bit sensitive.
The trio did a special 30 days in school project, Mrs. Pitocki found it funny how you can see just how different each of the triplets are simply by looking at their kid lead art work...Hahaha I have always thought that myself.

 Xan has an abstract flair and is a bit all over the place.
Hayden of course is very precise and makes sure to be complete in her work.

Lily loves to add lots of details. Nice jobs kiddos...and well done on school so far!
Jericho had a fun day at school today too!

He gets so much 1:1 learning time, I can't wait to see how he is doing by the end of the year...and then he will get 1 more year at this preschool before starting Kindy. He is going to have such a great foundation!
Jason and I got the finishing touches done to Xander's costume. Now everyone's is done and ready to party! The stove pipe hat.

A look at how we did it...this insert for a hard hat worked better than a baseball cap, keeps it more steady on Xan's head when he spins the shade.

Gluing the hat on.

All done..and it turned out pretty great I think! I can't wait to see everyone dressed up!

Unfortunately the good news ends here.... 
The kiddos have been fighting off a minor (or so we thought) cold for the last 3 or 4 days. Today Lily woke up with a pretty icky cough and just seemed a little more down than the others. When she was reading to me tonight I noticed that she was a little out of breath, then later when she was playing with Hayden before bed she started to act fatigued. I was right in the middle of putting them to bed when I stopped and really looked at Lily. She seemed pale, her lips were not pink and her fingernails seemed dull too. I asked her how she was feeling, but she is a tough kid and said fine. I noticed her whole body moved when she breathed, her stomach, her ribs and the base of her throat...just looked like she was working hard to breathe. I had an uneasy feeling, she is the one who needed an inhaler twice before in her life so when she is breathing funny I get nervous...not to mention that her teacher had told us that her son was recently diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I was second guessing myself and told her that she could go to bed, but to come get me if she had a hard time breathing or felt like she couldn't get enough air...she looked at me and said it was kind of already like that. I decided to take a video of her breathing and text it to Jason...who was of course working. I told him she was freaking me out and I felt like she needed to go to the local urgent care. He agreed with me, so I loaded up the not yet asleep kids, at got to the urgent care at 9 pm. Jason left work early and beat us there. I took Lily in and he took the rest of our crew home and tried to put them to bed. They were resistant, especially Hayden...she refused to go to sleep without her sister, she was crying and really worried. Haddie ended up having to sleep with Dad, poor girl.

Lily was not having a better time. She got taken back pretty quickly, the urgent care Nurse took us to a small room and put a monitor on Lily's finger. About a minute later she said "Oh no." She had just asked me what inhaler Lily had used for the camp fire smoke a month ago, I told her what it was called and then asked if that was bad when she said "oh no", she told me that is not what she was talking about, so I look over at the monitor and asked if the 83% oxygen level on the screen was bad and she said yes, and immediately moved us to a different room. Poor Bug did not want to go to the hospital, she tried telling me she was fine and kept asking to go home. I told her we had to get her better if she wanted to be able to go to the costume party on Saturday...this got her cooperation.

The Doctor came in right away and got Lily started on a nebulizer treatment. This was all new to both of us, she has never reacted this bad to anything before. The Doctor said it was most likely an asthma attack...even though she doesn't have an actual asthma diagnosis. The treatment took a few minutes, then we waited about 20 for it to didn't. They gave her a steroid shot and a second nebulizer treatment...she got stickers, that made her happier.
After the steroid shot and the second treatment her stats only came up to 88% (86% if she was talking,) and she needed to maintain a 93% or better to go home, so they said we had better head over to the hospital ER. They didn't make us take an ambulance, but they called a head and told the ER we were coming. Lily was screened and taken back pretty quickly, she was back to 85% by the time we got there...we got asked the lovely travel/Ebola questions...I really hate being in a hospital, especially when a nasty bug is trying to get its foot in the door. Bug got the full deal, heart rate monitor, oxygen level monitor, respiration rate monitor, BP cuff, they also got her going on some oxygen...boy she hated that thing in her nose.
They gave her another breathing treatment (this one was almost an hour long), then took some blood and placed an IV...both were firsts for her (that she can remember anyway,) Lily didn't cry, which freaked me out, add in my chatter box my natural performer was not talking to anyone....we knew she was starting to get both tired and lethargic from working so hard to breathe. They took her to X ray for chest films, that looked fine. When the 3rd treatment and being on oxygen didn't get her oxygen stats higher than 86% Bug got admitted for the night into the version of the intensive care unit. The ER Nurse got her a fun castle toy, that perked her up for a little bit.

Once in the PICU they were blasting her with oxygen and a 4 hour long breathing treatment. They gave her a bag of fluids and also put her on mag...which was funny for me, that stuff messed me up...but did it's job, when I was in preterm labor with the triplets. I was super scared. No one knew what was causing this or why the treatments were not helping her out. We got settled into the PICU around 3:30 in the morning. Lily was really out, I didn't think I could sleep, but the Nurses were insistent that I needed to rest. I finally passed out at 5 am...then got back up at 8, but fear does that to me. She got a new teddy bear for being hooked up to all this crap. I am so thankful for highly trained and outfitted medical professionals, I am thankful that Oregon has great hospitals and staff, I am so thankful to all the people that got Lily through the night. I'm sure with a new day will come some answers. There is nothing more horrible than feeling so helpless when your child is in a life or death situation. I am just so very glad I didn't ignore my gut and send her to bed, who knows what could have happened.

Rest baby girl...your body has a lot of healing to do.