Monday, August 21, 2017

Cutest babies ever!

Morning checks make me nervous for about the first week. So far so good...everyone alive and kicking this morning. Gosh they are cute. Not only do my adult KuneKune's not root like the AGH's did...but their litters are seriously like a box of chocolates. So many yummy colors and spots. I am in love with these piggies!
They are so itty bitty...each are about the size of a can of Coke. A bit smaller than most KK babies, but to be expected with such a large litter.
One of the 3 gilts. She is a cutie.

Just look at that face!

The girls love these babies.

The little ginger and black girl. She is a cutie too.

Two ginger girls...doesn't get any cuter.
The cream girl. She is staying here with us for sure...she is everyone's fave. We are keeping one of the other 2 girls also, but Matilda's previous owner gets to pick which one she wants first.
Xan and the ginger boy.
Look at that boys shorty short snout.
Another boy.

Quite the litter.

While I was home waiting on piglets...Jason and Grandma were camping with the kids. Under the penalty of death Jason was instructed to take pics for me LOL. Here is a sampling of their fun weekend camping, riding horses and sight seeing at the coast.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Where were they hiding?

Matilda poor girl finally released the hostages today...TWELVE of them. I was expecting 6, hoping for 8...then she kept going. Usually KuneKune litters are not this large, thankfully she is an experienced mom...hopefully they all make it.

We got a great color break down...but a less than great gender split. 3 adorable double wattled girls...and NINE boys, all but 2 also double wattled. There are 2 creams, 1 solid ginger, 4 ginger and black, and 5 that are brown and white....1 may be a black and white. Can't wait for them to be up and around a bit better tomorrow so I can get some nicer photos.

Jason and the kids got back from their camping trip just as Matilda was done and resting. They were excited to say hello to the new piglets.