Saturday, October 14, 2017

It is an obstacle course.

More puppy playground fun today. We added a tunnel...and they had no problems going right through.
Lily was busy building a "campsite" quickly got turned into something else. It is hard to get mad about the "mess" when the kids make an obstacle course for the puppies LOL.

Such brave and steady little pups.

Arrow is a looker.
Lots of different play things.

Lycan and his sled.
He is finally starting to fill out and look like a big boy.

Lily has taken a real shine to the puppies, especially Miss Addie. Oh the tears are going to flow in about 3 weeks when we say good bye to that little pup.

Piglets...everyone is doing great, finally got a few heading off to their new homes.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fresh pig ears.

Sorry if you are tired of puppy is almost over. Can't believe how fast we are sprinting toward 8 weeks. Today the pups played with a couple piglets. It was too cute not to take a bunch of pics of course.

Lucy is no push over, she showed the pups pretty quick to respect the pig LOL.
The little ginger girl was more passive.

Of course the pups never backed down.

Everything all worked out...nap pile.
Naps are short lived around here.

Pigs ear...while still on the pig. Don't worry, no one was injured.

Lucy liked the jar full of rocks toy. Too funny!

A basket full of cuteness.

The horses got a little work out this evening...they were perfect angels. Quincy is a fun ride...very powerful with lots of go.