Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is going to go quick!

Our house went live on the market today! Within the first hour we had two calls for showings today! This weekend is going to be a busy house is scheduled for Sunday. Please keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale at a great price :)

So fun to look back at what we started with back in November of 2012 when we started the remodel project.

I never did get around to posting after pics, even though I posted every step of the remodel. So I figured since the pro was out to take pics for listing the house I would share. What a difference!
Before of the living room....

Of course my gallery wall had to come down for the showings. They are safely away in bubble wrap.

Before of the kitchen...

It is a whole new house.

Before of our bonus/craft/laundry room...

Before of the master bedroom and bathroom....

Before of the girls room...

Before of the boys room...

Before of the hall bathroom...

We made ourselves scarce for awhile...hung out over at Grandma's while people came and looked at the house.
This old thing is still providing fun LOL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catch up...

I forgot to share a couple pics from the other day. The triplets came running out of their rooms in these pretty much too small t-shirts. Xander and Hayden had each others on at first, so I had to have them switch shirts. They think these are too cool. Hard to believe they first wore them on a March for babies walk 3 years ago.
First time wearing the shirts...they were such babies.
Jericho picked a flower for me. Such a sweetie...when he is not being a pesticle.
I made the kids a yummy concoction for lunch today...they don't really have a name, but Stuffed French toast roll-ups would work.
Make your french toast dip...egg, milk, vanilla extract.
Prepare the bread...cut of the crusts then use a rolling pin to roll it flat.
Make your stuffing...I spread a little peanut butter on banana slices.
Have a bowl of sugar and cinnamon ready.

After rolling the bread flat I dunked it in the egg mixture, then swished it in the bowl of cinnamon and sugar. Then I placed the banana in and rolled it up. Baked them at 350 until the bread didn't feel soggy anymore, 15 minutes or so. On some I spooned a little melted butter and sprinkled more cinnamon on others I squeezed a little honey on top. The kids approved.

Kids just love to over share. I have heard the kiddos told their teacher how I started drinking coffee so I would get off the couch...nice right. My kids are not the only ones, over the school year we have heard about so and so's mom stealing their dads money and taking off, we have heard about parents in jail and all kinds of other fun tidbits. Well tomorrow our kids will have a new fun story to share...the one about their dad getting pulled over for speeding and getting a ticket. Enjoy kindergarten class LOL.

Same day as the ticket someone rear ends us. Bonus to driving a tank, your car pretty much always wins. Can't say the same about the teen girls car...stop texting and driving!!!! Lucky for her she did no damage to my car...not so lucky for her is going to be explaining the damage to her car to her parents.

Monday, May 18, 2015

House hunting kind of sucks.

We have been looking here and there for our new house, we have gone to physically look at 3 far none are quite what we are looking for. I don't think we will find the perfect house that hits every single thing on our wish list, but hopefully we find one that comes close before we are homeless with our 4 kids, 7 chickens, 3 cats and 1 dog LOL.

While out looking at another property today Hayden passed out on the drive. Lily and Xander decided it would be awesome to poke fun at her HAHAHA!

Cracking up!

After the great suggestion from Lily's Auntie Stacie she now has her own YouTube channel.  When I told Lily about her Aunties suggestion she said "You know what these videos will need...costumes". She is something else .
I went a tracked down some old favorite videos...but today's addition was awesome. Lily, flanked by her "co-hosts", came in and asked me if I wanted to watch her news story. When she started with "We are on TV, so you can trust us" I told her to pause while I got the camera LOL.
You can check it out her "Roving reporter" vid or other funny captures here...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun with Grandma.*

On our way to spend the evening with Grandma we ran into some traffic. I wish I could nap during crappy traffic.

A little gift from my very thoughtful mother in law, my second new mug since taking up coffee. Love it!
Kitsune had a great visit too. She is such a stud...this is the most athletic, can do anything dog I have ever had. She is 6 1/2 months old now and today was the first time she played with a frisbee. Looks like she is a natural at this too...there is a saying in the Dutch Shepherd world, it is "If it's not Dutch, it's not much" I am starting to see what they mean LOL. My little flying Dutchie!
Getting ice cream with Grandma. A perfect ending to a fabulous day!
We are getting closer to moving in over at Grandma's, for at least the summer. The kiddos are really looking forward to it...big time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life full of laughs.*

I love the laughter in my home, it makes every single hard day or rough patch seem so minor.

I was asked by Hayden if I knew the bad "F word". She said she knows the bad S and U words...but that she doesn't say them. I of course asked her what they were, through a hand over her mouth she said "stupid and ugly". Whew. Also glad that she totally forgot what she was asking about in the first place LOL.

 Yesterday funny... Oh my goodness Lily Bug. You crack us we haven't choked and died at dinner time I don't know. Last night at dinner was no exception. This is what I got when I asked Lily to try her baked potato, a list of her, um, short comings. My Bug is not a any form, fan, but we keep trying.

In case you had trouble hearing her, she said...
"I don't like baked potatoes, my feet get sweaty in blankets and sometimes I fart in the tub. Happy?" LMAO!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I love my littles!*

Happy Mother's Day to me...and all the Momma's out there!!
My kiddos, with lots of help from Dad, made me breakfast in bed. My fave French toast, bacon, sausage and some toppings YUM. They were so excited to bring it to me LOL.

Party in Mom's and Dad's room. We really need a bigger bed Hahaha.

The kiddos insisted on breakfast and gifts before shower or make-up...yikes. Jason couldn't stress enough that they picked everything out all on their own LOL. He knows better than to get me yellow "gold" or fake jewelry, I have trained him well.

My loves...they have such beautiful hearts, and smiles.

I loved everything.

The kiddos picked out some great cards.
The girls card.

The boys.

My hubby always finds the best it!

Hayden decided she would try on my sunglasses and some of the fabulous jewelry the kids got me.

Little Diva.

Bringing out her inner Drew Barrymore with that smirk.

After the fun morning was done...we got to work.
Isn't this how every Mom spends Mother's Day? We all actually had a lot of fun doing some yard work today, getting ready to put this house up for sale. Can't wait to move to a bigger house!
The kiddos were actually a really big help.

My Mother's Day of my faves, strawberry short cake!

My goodnight these monkey's!
How lucky am thankful for where I am, and who I am with XOXOX!