Farm Sales.

We are a small homestead farm. Eventually we plan to offer animals and products for sale or trade. Our goal is to do our part to provide healthy, homegrown delicious food for our family...while treating our animals with dignity and respect. The animals we raise here are loved and cared for every day, they live a very happy life and are not tortured in anyway. They literally give us all they have, the least we can do is treat them kindly and make their life, be it short or long, enjoyable. 
Check our official farm website out at 
Pleasant Dreams Farm .

**Updated 3-17-17**

Chickens and Eggs. We have a colorful egg basket, I picked all my girls keeping in mind the colors of eggs they would give us. Blue, pink, chocolate, brown, olive, cream...lots of fun to gather Easter eggs every morning. We may also have chicks or adults available from time to time. Our chosen breed to produce pure bred chicks are Salmon Faverolle's, we will also have barnyard mix chicks too. Ducks and peacocks may be joining our farm in 2016 too.

We have eggs available $4 per dozen. Our eggs are truly free range pastured eggs, as our girls are free to roam our 10 acres till their hearts are content. We supplement with organic non GMO no soy layer pellets.

We also can offer fertile hatching eggs...we have Salmon Faverolle's, Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers and barn yard mixes. Royal Palm turkey eggs will soon be available as well. Email for availability and pricing.

Royal Palm turkeys. We have a trio of Royal Palm turkeys. We went with a heritage breed because while the commercial turkeys grow faster and bigger, they are not able to breed to sustain themselves and they are not meant to survive longer than butcher time. We wanted to have our own lasting source of turkeys so we will take the slower and slightly smaller heritage breed. We hope to have turkeys available for the Holidays in 2017.

American Guinea Hogs. We chose this heritage breed of hog to work with on our homestead for many reasons. They are not as big as most hogs, but their meat is considered red and gourmet. The marbling is beautiful, this is a lard breed. They are also excellent foragers, without destroying the land...too much, they do quite well on pasture and forage...and of course scraps (best garbage disposals ever!) without needing excessive supplementing with commercial feed. Their personalities are also very sweet and manageable. 

One registered gilt $250 DOB 7/3/16

One registered gilt and one boar $250ea DOB 7/7/16.

Boar B3 "Honcho"
Gilt B "Queen Bee"

Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 
We picked this breed, and the specific goats we started with, with milk in mind..they also are nice show prospects. I hope to try my hand at lotions and soaps...and of course delicious creamy sweet milk. Goats are also wonderful for bush and shrub control and lawn care. Our animals came from wonderful breeders who always tests for CAE, CL, Q-fever, Johnes, BVD and TB....we will also test our herd as it grows.  Goats are herd animals, we will not sell just 1 kid, unless you have goats already.

Two sets of Triplet Bucks born 3/2/17 and 3/3/17, check out the website for more info. 
Two registered bucklings available. Check out the web site for info and photos.
Pleasant Dreams Farm  
We ask for a $50 deposit to hold a kid for you.
Registered bucks $250 ea
Wethers $75 ea

Light buckskin "Simon Says"
Light chocolate buckskin "TicTacToe"

Rabbits. We have small breeding herds of both pedigreed Silver Fox and pedigreed Rex, standard size, rabbits. These are for meat, pelts, show...and of course pets. 

Rex bunnies:

All my pedigreed and show quality Rex bunnies are for sale. $40-$100 each. 
Check out Pleasant Dreams Farm for full details.

Silver Fox bunnies:

SOLD OUT! More babies will be available late this spring!

You can reach us at with interest or questions.


Dee S. said...

Where are you located? I saw that you had had some Salmon Faverolle Chickens & thought if you had more later, we might be interested.

TripMomma said...

Hi! We are located in the Longview, Washington area, but are often in Portland, OR. as well.