Thursday, June 15, 2017

Teacher Thank You's.

Nothing like waiting to the last minute to do teacher gifts. Calming jars and cookie jars, they turned out cute.
Last day of school....tomorrow, sure lets do them the night before LOL.
We did light karo syrup, water, 2 colors of glitter glue, food coloring, larger and tiny glitter. It was fun...and really easy.

Give it a shake and...Just Breathe. The trio really ended up loving their teacher, and are of course so sad to be moving on. They always have such a hard time saying goodbye to their current teacher and getting behind the idea of a new teacher ever being as good, as nice, as loved. Lucky for them they have always lucked out in the teacher department.
I really love these things...I need to get my crew to make one for their mom.

Jericho made one for his teacher too.
Paddington belongs to his teacher, each weekend a different student got to bring him home and take care of him until Monday. Jericho got the last weekend.
We also whipped up some cookies in a jar gifts.

Everyone got to help...and after the jars were done we got to eat the rest of the M&Ms. I think that was the kiddos favorite part.

What a year. One more day of peace...then it is summer break.
Fun, sun, fighting, starving kids, trashed house...can't wait.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

You did it Jericho!

Whew, we made it to Kindy graduation. Jericho only got sent to the principles office, thus getting a call home, like 5 times, and got sentenced to an assigned seat on the bus twice. Good thing he got Student Of The Month the first month of school LOL. Here is to 1st grade! We love you are wild and test boundaries like no other, but you have a heart of gold and a great sense of humor.
The Kindy class put on a great little show.
Diploma and a hand shake with the teacher and principle.

Hahaha of course.

So proud of you little dude!

He had a great first year, and is looking forward to 1st grade. Teachers are amazing people.

Back home, I changed and hung out with my boy Willie.

I dig this chill guy. His first litter is due in August...50/50 Kunekune and AGH.

We found a Dark-eyed Junco nest.
So tiny.
Kitsune has been my daily goat herding helper...she is getting good.
Hopefully we finally fixed Hoochs wagon. We put him over in the other pen again, this time we added more fencing around the top...the thing is like 6 feet tall now. He jumps out again and it is goat mean gyros for him. I have Yahtzee and Taboo in with him for now...his new buck buddy should be arriving soon.
Loving their food still.
Sisters um sharing LOL.

I think Matilda enjoys her new roomies.

The kids got their Dad to start on a tree house...this is good fun for all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Little Pepsqueak.

Mr. Pepe is 4 months old...and I swear he has tripled in size since we got him. He has had his 3rd shot finally, so we are starting to take him out more. Parvo scares the crap out of me, so we are very careful with pups until they have at least 3 shots on board. The only place his feet have touched down since we got him is at home. Now he is ready for a harness and to go walk the world.

He gets worn out so quickly LOL. Just a few trips around the front yard and he is ready for a nap.

So dang adorable!
The Pepsqueaks stick of choice...a twig LOL.

A tiny dog can dream.
He is a little better at keep away, not so great with fetch.

The chicks are getting big...a month old and almost done with the heat lamp.
Got some pretty ones.

Accidentally startled this little guy and his momma with my truck. Momma took off one way into the took off the wrong direction, down the middle of the road, and kept going farther and farther away. I went and grabbed it up, took it to the last place I saw mom and hid it in a bush. As I drove away I saw mom about 100 feet away, so I'm sure she went and collected her baby.
I love where I live!


Watching Wonder Woman this afternoon...while the kids fashion their own bow and arrows, such creativity! LOL