Thursday, June 15, 2017

Teacher Thank You's.

Nothing like waiting to the last minute to do teacher gifts. Calming jars and cookie jars, they turned out cute.
Last day of school....tomorrow, sure lets do them the night before LOL.
We did light karo syrup, water, 2 colors of glitter glue, food coloring, larger and tiny glitter. It was fun...and really easy.

Give it a shake and...Just Breathe. The trio really ended up loving their teacher, and are of course so sad to be moving on. They always have such a hard time saying goodbye to their current teacher and getting behind the idea of a new teacher ever being as good, as nice, as loved. Lucky for them they have always lucked out in the teacher department.
I really love these things...I need to get my crew to make one for their mom.

Jericho made one for his teacher too.
Paddington belongs to his teacher, each weekend a different student got to bring him home and take care of him until Monday. Jericho got the last weekend.
We also whipped up some cookies in a jar gifts.

Everyone got to help...and after the jars were done we got to eat the rest of the M&Ms. I think that was the kiddos favorite part.

What a year. One more day of peace...then it is summer break.
Fun, sun, fighting, starving kids, trashed house...can't wait.

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