Wednesday, June 7, 2017

She is a natural.

Kitsune really could have a future in herding I think. She has been to 1 "class" to test and see if she would be into herding...yet today she helped me like a pro. My goats have become real stubborn about going back in their pen when I want them to. Tonight I took Kitsune just to see if she would be any help. She started off easy with the goats and giving them space, but when they challenged her or didn't move when she encouraged them to do so she used some teeth showing and growling for motivation. She even went and caught two that tried to break from the herd and make a run for it. No one was bit and they all are back in their pen without ME breaking a sweat chasing them down. Think we will get back to another herding class real soon! I love this dogs natural abilities
She got them all to the gate, then circled to hold them there until I opened it.

I called her away and into a heel position...look at that happy face.
When I let her get back to work she had to deal with a testy Taboo.
No backing down from the Dutchie.

Heidi and Lulu made a run for it.
Kitsune circled them and encouraged them to get back to the herd.

Last one in...way to go girl!
All she wanted to do fetch of course.
Quite pleased with herself.
A well deserved snack with her best bud.

Lycan is on my shit list, yet again. Remember those two miracle rabbit litters I know the ones with the Grand Champion dad that was killed by my idiot dog and these are the only two litters I will ever have out of him? Yeah those. Lycan busted open their cage and almost wiped them out. My 4 week old litter of 7 is now down to 4. My 2 week old litter of down to ONE. I seriously could shoot this damn dog. He is such an asshole about my rabbits...he is a prince about almost everything else, which I am trying hard to remind myself right now. One of my 4 week old babies that survived the attack...she is looking like a keeper right now!

In happier news...unless you are my husband. 4 days no calls. Guess Drusilla is staying. Lily is thrilled.

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