Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sprinklers in the there anything more fun?!

There is a saying many Oregonians believe..."Summer in Oregon starts July 6th" LOL. Well this year it seems to be holding true! Today was on the edge of being hot, for sure a playing in the sprinkler kind of day!

Lily Bug tried the no diaper thing again today, I won't call it potty training because the longer it takes I can not see any "training" happening what so ever. It wasn't really a success...but at least it was a nice hanging outside kinda day to try it.

The boys were all over the water, Hayden and Lily were more interested in filling buckets and maybe getting their feet wet.

Xander was running all over the place, one little sprinkler...and a pretty boring one at that...= FUN!
Getting thirsty.

Little Man is having fun too.
Then Xander decides to drop is way better this way I guess LOL!
It must have been really cold water...he keep hooting and hollering and grabbing his wang every time he ran through, but he kept doing it Hehehe.

Then little brother had to be like big brother of course :)

They decided to take the naked fun to the slides.

So it seems...playing in the nude is the most fun, 3 out of 4 butts agree LMAO.

Time for an apple snack break!

Since Lily wasn't having any potty luck, Jericho thought he would try too. No luck there either, but it is a start :)

Hayden and her headbands...she even had one for Daddy to put on, which he did but I missed getting a picture of that.

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