Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can we have another party tomorrow?

You know the party was a hit when the birthday kids, totally worn out and about to fall asleep, ask if they can have another party tomorrow :)

We haven't had the kids party at Grandma's since the triplets 1st Bday, which went great, but was a tad chilly. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day today! It was warm enough for the pool...about 81, but not too hot for those not jumping in. The yard filled up fast, I think almost everyone made it. We had about 33 adults and 20 kids, plus our was a great crowd!

We had about an hours worth of set up to do, so we headed over to Grandma's around 9:30 this morning. Thankfully we got it all done before anyone showed up, I think that is a first LOL. The bounce house people showed up 2 hours early and let us keep the house until 5pm when they were supposed to pick it up at 3....sweet!

Set up did not go off without any hitches though. About 30 min after we got there Jericho decided he would walk into the pool. Jason was telling him no and booking over as fast as he could but Jericho walked right out onto the pool which was still covered. He was not heavy enough to make the cover go totally under but he got soaked just the same, he also got scared, as did everyone else. We put his clothes in the dryer and finished setting up.

It was a rainbow explosion :)

Once we were all done, the kids did a little fishing with Grandma and waited for their friends to arrive.
Lily was ready to go in right away...we had to hold her off, she was not pleased Hahaha.
Xander's rainbow shirt and the girls rainbow dresses looked perfect. We even had a couple requests for dresses.
I ordered 3 rainbow beach balls for the pool party, I didn't even look at their size, just figured they were regular beach ball size. They were fricking HUGE, so much fun...the kids all loved them, but they required an air compressor to blow them up LOL. The bounce house was a hit too, we just got a 15X15 one, but it was the perfect size and the kids loved it.
Looking good boys <3

The girls also loved their adorable rainbow bows that a friend made for them....thanks Samantha!

Once most of the guests arrived all the kids were ready to jump in the pool. We have life jacket rules for the kiddos, if you are going to be in the water or even on the deck you wear a life jacket. Grandma even has a big stash of life jackets for kids that forgot to bring their own. Of course Jericho hasn't learned that one yet. He wore a life jacket for pretty much the rest of the day.

I have to thank everyone who took a turn on 'Jericho duty'. Thanks for helping us make sure our kiddos are safe, that is one thing that is hard about having a big family...not enough eyes and arms, so thanks for stepping in to help! Little man seems to have a bit more respect for the pool, he never jumped in again...but was quite daring all around the pool bending to pick things up to toss in the water. He had a lot of eyes on him and I know I am not the only one that gasped at his daringness thinking he was about to fall in a few times...little stinker.

Once everyone worked up an appetite, we had lunch! For once we didn't have too much food...almost everything was gone by the end of the day!
The rainbow fruit was a hit!
The crock pot hot dogs turned out really good. We had 70 in there and all but 4 or 5 were eaten! The mini meatballs disappeared LOL, like 90 of them were gone in 45 min! We will be doing those again :) Of course Pop Pop Randy's baked beans and Grandma's coleslaw were delish too!
The kids all enjoyed the fruity pebbles marshmallow treats, and the skittles and the rainbow suckers. The trio had been asking for days to have one of these cute suckers...they probably had 3 each Hahaha.
After lunch the kiddos all wanted to go back in the pool.
Lily is our only little fish, so far. She never wanted out. Xander jumped all the way in once...with his puddle jumper on, but then he had second thoughts and got out as fast as he could. After that he stayed on the steps or on the sides, and would tell everyone to "be careful it's dangerous" Hahaha. Hayden didn't get in much beyond the second step. Jericho never got back in on his own but did do a little floating with Auntie Amber.

Cousin Hailee and Lily had a lot of fun swimming with Auntie Amber :)
Haddie looked cute anyway Hehehe.

Everyone got dried off and ready for dessert!

Cake time!

Make a wish babies!

The inside was a big surprise, the triplets were so excited when they saw their rainbow cake. Everyone else was pretty impressed too :)

The cake came out was so moist and the frosting was scrumptious. There was not a slice left over!!!
Enjoying yet another rainbow sucker. They never eat this much candy and junk...I am surprised they didn't puke.
Then it was gift time. We have so many generous friends and family....our kids are so lucky. Thank you everyone, you are too kind!

Jericho, was a wild man the whole day. The only time he sat still was when we buckled him into a highchair for lunch LOL.
Then it was back to the pool AGAIN. We knew we were in for some tired kids!

Dinner time rolled around and the party had thinned out quite a bit. The few guests that were left were getting ready to head out. Ugh that means it is time to start getting things cleaned up. We put Jericho back on lockdown in the highchair with some fruit so we could clean up.
Then we realized we had forgot some gifts in our car. We got the kids their first big bikes with training wheels and new helmuts. We didn't bring the bikes but let them open the helmuts and told them their bikes were at home. Xander's helmut was a big hit! The girls liked their pony helmuts too :)

Jericho ended up passing out for a wee nap. Mouth open and everything...that's tired for ya Hehehe.
Clean up started, the kids backyard friend Stone and his family hung out and helped with a little clean up. Who knew rainbow tissue paper flowers could be so entertaining :)

Clean and dry for the 3rd or 4th time today...thank goodness for Grandma's dryer :)
Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate the triplets turning 4. You made the party so warm and to you all!

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