Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Playing with babies.

Jericho and Lily met the newbies today.
Bridget has been the more stand offish of the two, this was the first time she actually seemed to enjoy being held. Looks like Lily made a friend.

Gaga is just the sweetest little thing...she is really working me to stay LOL.

Gosh she is cute!
Classy is such a great momma.

Her udder is coming in nicely.

The other girls taking a break in the shade.

Nap time.

And nap is time.

Checking out Pepe...momma is a bit protective, the babies are excited to see something their size.

Heidi is starting to pull away from Lulu...I think she will for sure kid before her sister. Hopefully in the next 4 or 5 days.

New batch of chicks!
Willow is so grown up now...need to try and get some new pics of her. She is so cute and fluffy. Sadly I think something got Giles, we haven't seen him in about 3 weeks, he never is gone more than a day or two. I'm so sad...he was such a sweet boy.
Poor Jericho complained about a little tooth ache last night, by tonight his face was starting to swell. Took him to the urgent care and got some antibiotics, he has a Dentist appointment tomorrow. Poor guy, he was just at the Dentist 3 months ago and had zero cavities. Wish us luck.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet and greet.

The baby goats got a quick trip outside, and a brief meeting with the herd. Classy was too busy battling Taboo and Yahtzee for Herd Queen to pay attention to her babies so they got put back in the pen when a few hawks started flying over head.

Hayden and Lily came up with names.
Our little blue eyed black doe is Lady Glitter Sparkles AKA Bridget, the little cou clair white doe is Lady Gaga.

Molly wants to play with...and boss, the new babies so much. They just aren't quite up to it yet. Soon Molly.
Classy, Taboo and Yahtzee brawling back there while I am on babysitting detail.

So far Gaga is the more friendly of the two, hopefully Miss Bridget will come around soon.

Just love her eye liner...she had to be Gaga LOL.
Even after I shut Classy and the twins in the pen the girls were still trying to argue.
One day old and they were trying to get a little spunky. Another couple of days and they should be really good on their feet and ready to join the herd full time.

The best part of it!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's twins!

Classy had twin doelings the middle of the day too!
Classy for the win!

She was in the early stages of labor when I checked on her around 10 in the morning, about 4 hours later the babies were born.

Thankfully it was another text book easy delivery.

This little cutie was the second one born, she is a cou clair pinto...and a total sweetheart.
First almost all black blue eyed doe, she is exactly what I was hoping to get. I was ecstatic as soon as I saw her pop out.
They are very strong and healthy girls.
It was a beautiful day, once they were dried off and a bit more steady I took them out for some better pics.

Aww love this pic.
Now we are 6 bucks 3 does on the year...with Heidi and Lulu still to kid. Hopefully we get more girls! I am not letting the black girl go...may not be able to let the cou clair go either LOL.

Taking a wee nap in the sunshine.
Saw this flock of birds is hard to see them, I wasn't able to get super close. I think they are Band-tailed pigeons. Hopefully I will see them again and be able to get closer.