Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lazy Sunday.

Pepe got a bath today, Hayden is warming him by the fire and reading him books. Meanwhile, Xan woke up sick...Lily gave him a cool cloth and is reading him a book. I'm in PJs and have no plans to get dressed today LOL. Lazy Sunday indeed.

Lycan seems concerned when someone is sick...he can be such a sweet boy.
A little kid funny...
Jericho: Dad, have you seen Bad Santa?
Jason: No, why have you?
Jericho: No, it is inappropriate.

 I had never seen it, or researched it I'm sorry to say. Today the kids and I made it through 4 min before I said...we don't repeat this language. At 10 min in...just after good old Billy Bob enters the strip club, I get asked why girls are dancing naked. That was the end of Bad Santa for us LOL. The kids were in the files for Holiday Movies and I told them to try something new (I'm Christmas With The Krank's and The Santa Claused out) they just picked one we hadn't seen hahaha. Back to the Kranks pronto!

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