Sunday, June 9, 2019

Can't keep them all...right?

10 days old...a couple of my fave keepers. I needed another buck like I need another hole in my head, but I have to see how this black beauty grows out. His little black and white sister is not too shabby either...she is staying too.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hammer away.

The patio addition has been at a bit of a stand still for a little while. We finally have a date for the concrete pour and should hopefully be back in business soon. Did a little more prep work today.

Always dicey to give the wild man a hammer to wield LOL.

Waffles just chilling enjoying the beautiful day. I caught him mid bath I think LOL.

Oogway is doing well...such a cute little guy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Master Oogway.

Two more cute little boy babies. Girls better step it up, it is looking like a sausage fest over here LOL.

Hayden was on our schools track team for the day again, love our school...but full of track stars we are not LOL. The kids all had fun at least.

Dani came with...the kids were extra obnoxious for her LOL

Almost Hayden's whole KYB basketball team was there.

Lily has a new friend. Meet wee Master Oogway. She wanted a guinea pig, I wanted her to have something lower maintenance LOL. He is the cutest little thing ever!!

Oogway is a 5 week old Hermann's Tortoise, he will reach around to 6-10" big...they are one of the smaller species. He is so cute to watch eat. His tiny mouth opens huge to take tiny bites.

Lily's decorations, and rules.

Waffles watched...don't think he is too interested in Oogway though.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hard at work.

Talent show today, the girls both participated. Hayden sang 'Mean' she was way nervous, but did great. Lily did a song from the Junie B. Jones musical...she killed it.
 The teachers even put on a funny skit.

Got a new "baby grow out" pen that Jason made for me...I really love reusing these pallets.

My girls were out enjoying the sunshine!

New fence also thanks to my handy hubby. Don't know what I would do without him.
My guy Tucker...he is super sweet.

Our LA is a week away!! Starting the shave parties LOL. The kids watched between turns going down the"slide".

Sunday, June 2, 2019

She is getting the hang of it.

Fun arena work today. Hayden rode out a half hearted buck attempt (Scooter was not quite himself today), and I came off Tucker when he zigged and I zagged LOL. Thank goodness for a big horse that held me up and made my fall slow, and deep soft arena sand. Tucker is now OK with our practice was clearly a monster at first.

Babies are bouncy and them!
I did not plan to keep this boy...but I can not let him go. He is stunning, hopefully he holds together.

My first little keeper doeling this year. She is a cutie!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Missed out on the field trip.

I love our little school. When I say little I mean our entire K-5 student body, teachers, staff and chaperones fit on THREE buses little. Everyone had a fun filled school wide field trip to the park LOL. I missed the fun waiting on a goat to kid, Jason dutifully took a few pics for me.
They had a blast!

The lemonade drinking fountain was a big hit with all the kids...except Lily, she has never been a fan.

Salamander catch and release games.

Finally...shortly AFTER the kids got home from school, Heidi decided to release the hostages. Heidi had a small audience...thankfully she didn't mind. Hayden and her friend Loretta thought the babies were adorable, despite their gooeyness LOL.

Twins...1 boy 1 girl.

Jericho picked a lovely edible bouquet for the proud mom.

Such cute babies!

Baya and Kitsune meet our oldest babies this year.