Thursday, November 7, 2019

Welcome Rodney!

Literally me today LOL. I am so lucky to have the best husband in the world.

Lily has been wanting a Rodney since we first showed the kids the Dr. Dolittle movie...years ago. Her tort Oogway died sadly, so this guy is here to heal her poor heart. I have had almost all the small pet critters out there...this is the first cavy. So far he is really sweet.

Yes, she appropriated my Mrs. Peacock glasses the second Halloween was over LOL.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Happy boys.

Our bucks are happy boys. Breeding season has begun. We were busy moving girls and boys around today. A full list, pedigrees and pics of our pairings are up on the farm website.

Such a pretty day today!

We tried to get our goats to move to the same high quality horse hay we feed Scooter and Tucker. We were not successful. They almost wasted away to nothing (can't you tell LOL)...yelling at us every day about the abuse. We had no choice but to go get alfalfa. Spoiled brats.

Mr. Mars gets almost all my gold ladies this year. Fingers crossed for lots of moonspots and blue eyes!
Shopping fun...
You know which minion found this laugh out loud funny, right? Jericho...he has a very silly sense of humor LOL.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The champs!

The Roots girls won their championship game today! Hayden is going to miss her team.
They won 24 to 12...very defensive game.

Way to go girls...1 loss 11 wins, then they won the championship game. Very strong and talented team!
Hayden says special thanks to Uncle Rick and Auntie Tia for coming to watch the final battle!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fun filled Saturday.

Roots tourney team just ended, championship game is tomorrow. Today was Hayden's KYB teams 1st games. This team is not as polished as her Roots team, but Hayden is so much more comfortable with these girls, since they have been together for 3 years now. Her inner superstar hooper comes out so much more often. They managed to win both games today!

Little orange boy kitten left today. Now it is just Holly and her momma...well and the rest of the zoo LOL.

Too cute!
Hayden forgot to get pics of Pepe in his costume. So we snapped a few today.
Such a silly puppy.

Annoying, but adorable.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween all!
The kiddos school put on a great party again this year.

So grown up!
Fun and games with the 3rd graders!

We drove out to Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber's to Trick Or Treat with the Cousins.
Officer Tyler showed up...made Xander's day of course.  We will be eating candy for a month! Hope you all had a great, and safe, night!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Good games!

Hayden's cheering section was a bit bigger than usual. Her Grandma, Great Grandpa, Betty and second cousin Broc came to watch her games. I think they need to come to all of her games...she played like the old Hayden that I haven't seen in the last few weeks. Her best games in a while!

Such a fantastic team. Championship game next weekend!

My sister Kimmie came up from Cali for a very short stop over. We don't get to see her near enough. We were missing my little sister Allie, but it was awesome having most of my siblings together for a visit.

Kimmie...lets not wait another almost 7 years huh?!?! Love you sis, wish we had a longer visit.

A few fun filled hours...not enough, but I'll take it.