Saturday, July 15, 2017

Release the hostages.

Hayden and I were out on baby goat watch a lot today. Caught a little vitamin D while we were at it.

Molly is the only goat that jumps up on the pallet fence. Hopefully she gives it up when she gets a bit bigger.
I think her mom, Lena, is telling her to get her butt down.
I love the big old trees all around us.
Heidi and Lulu are still holding out. I think they have another week or so.

Molly is so wide in the back legs...I think she is going to have a fantastic udder.

Today was her official due date, hope she releases the hostages soon
Aww mommy and baby nappy time.

My littlest baby bunnies are so cute...lots of girls this time!

Some non farm fun. This game is hilarious...Speak Out Kids vs Adults!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Animal whisperer.

I could take pictures of Matilda every day...she is so dang cute.

The pig pens look so nice this time of year...and when the pigs in them are not destroying everything in sight.
I think she looks like she is about over being pregnant.
My littlest animal whisperer came along for farm duty today.
Matilda loves ear and armpit scratches...and of course belly scratches.
Pepe checked out some critters today. The goats were not exactly sure what to make of him.
Any time Classy...I am ready to see what we got LOL.

Hayden has taken the lions share of Pepe ownership over, Lily likes him but not as much as Drusilla...seems Lily is a cat person after all.
Some goat whispering. All the critters love my wild little guy.

Hooch and Spicoli are best buds...and we have had zero escapes.
The horses are down hiding out in their shelter. I really need to get back to riding.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Countdown to babies.

Exciting weeks coming up. Baby goats due any day now, baby piglets in a couple weeks...and more beautiful sunshine! I am not ready for summer to be half over already.

Molly strikes a pretty pose doesn't she...she has gotten so big.

Last rooster standing. It has been a hard year for our feathered friends this year.
Classy has about 5 days to go...can't wait to see what we get! Fingers crossed for does! If I can be really picky I want a blue eyed black doe.
Lulu I think has close to 3 weeks to go. Heidi probably 2 weeks.
I think Yahtzee, Taboo and Lena all got rebred by the fence jumper Hooch. So we will probably have more babies this fall, which will mess with next springs kids. At least he can't get out anymore.

Matilda is starting to get her milk bar, she probably has 3 more weeks to go too.
I switched to the KuneKune from the AGH because I was hoping to find something that rooted less. So far I am SO happy. My starter pair do not seem to root at all!!! Can't wait for our first babies next month! 

Matilda enjoying, not destroying, her pen!

Queen Bee is looking pregnant finally, she should have her piglets sometime in August too. So many much fun!
Speaking of babies. We hopefully will have our first litter of Dutch Shepherd puppies in September. These two have been a match made since they were born, thankfully all their health testing went well, and they are both titled in multiple events. Should be an amazing litter!
My "back yard" is so awesome. I was watching hummingbirds chase each other around my goat pens when a giant bald eagle flew right over head. He had already passed by by the time I remembered I had my camera LOL. We usually have red tailed hawks, osprey and owls...but the bald eagle showed up almost a week ago. Love all the birds of long as they are not trying to grab the chickens, baby goats...or Pepe LOL
The bald eagle.


He hovered over me...kinda neat view.