Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet and greet.

The baby goats got a quick trip outside, and a brief meeting with the herd. Classy was too busy battling Taboo and Yahtzee for Herd Queen to pay attention to her babies so they got put back in the pen when a few hawks started flying over head.

Hayden and Lily came up with names.
Our little blue eyed black doe is Lady Glitter Sparkles AKA Bridget, the little cou clair white doe is Lady Gaga.

Molly wants to play with...and boss, the new babies so much. They just aren't quite up to it yet. Soon Molly.
Classy, Taboo and Yahtzee brawling back there while I am on babysitting detail.

So far Gaga is the more friendly of the two, hopefully Miss Bridget will come around soon.

Just love her eye liner...she had to be Gaga LOL.
Even after I shut Classy and the twins in the pen the girls were still trying to argue.
One day old and they were trying to get a little spunky. Another couple of days and they should be really good on their feet and ready to join the herd full time.

The best part of it!

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