Monday, July 3, 2017

Sweet relief.

I have dealt with seasonal allergies my whole life...usually a pill or two and I am OK. This last month has been miserable. I have been taking a 24 hour pill...on top of 5-6 Benadryl, and still suffering. I finally went to the Doc, I had planned to start the ball rolling on allergy testing and shots, but he wanted to try a script for a nasal spray as a last ditch effort to keep me from having to do the shots. He also gave me a 5 day course of Prednesone to help get things under control. Today is the first day in a month I have felt good. It is amazing, I hope this is a lasting fix.

I went out with the goats today I was feeling so good. Miss Classy is looking lovely, just under two weeks to go!
I am not sure if Heidi will beat her to the punch or wait until closer to late July. Her udder is really starting to come in.
Beautiful Lena.
Scooter and Quincy are doing a good job on the grass.
Matilda is looking pregnant...I think.
Some pretty purple flowers. Ah to not be sneezing and itchy.

Our two new litters of baby Silver Fox rabbits...getting big.

The two little Junco babies decided today they would fledge. I took two pics and wished them good luck on the ground learning how to fly.

Last but not least...a Xander funny. Pepe has a bit of a nasty puppy habit I am trying to break him of. Today I decided to sprinkle some cayenne pepper on what he was disgustingly trying to ingest.

Talking to Pepe I said "That'll fix your wagon."
Xander piped up with "Uh Mom, Pepe is a Mexican dog...he'll probably like the spicy"
LMAO. Thankfully Pepe didn't test it to see.

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