Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's twins!

Classy had twin doelings the middle of the day too!
Classy for the win!

She was in the early stages of labor when I checked on her around 10 in the morning, about 4 hours later the babies were born.

Thankfully it was another text book easy delivery.

This little cutie was the second one born, she is a cou clair pinto...and a total sweetheart.
First almost all black blue eyed doe, she is exactly what I was hoping to get. I was ecstatic as soon as I saw her pop out.
They are very strong and healthy girls.
It was a beautiful day, once they were dried off and a bit more steady I took them out for some better pics.

Aww love this pic.
Now we are 6 bucks 3 does on the year...with Heidi and Lulu still to kid. Hopefully we get more girls! I am not letting the black girl go...may not be able to let the cou clair go either LOL.

Taking a wee nap in the sunshine.
Saw this flock of birds is hard to see them, I wasn't able to get super close. I think they are Band-tailed pigeons. Hopefully I will see them again and be able to get closer.

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