Saturday, July 8, 2017

It's a Trollstice celebration!

We had a fun Trollstice Birthday party today, can't believe the triplets will be 9 in a few days. Thank you to everyone that came and helped make today the best day ever!

We usually have their party the following weekend, but this year a very special guest...who usually can not attend would be able to if we had their party this weekend. It was worth it to see Lily's face when Kalaya arrived!

I did take their party down a notch from the usual over the top that never fails to happen. The decorations were fewer, the lunch menu was simpler, and we bought their cake.

The fruity pebble rice krispy treats turned out yummy, the cupcakes were yummy too...even if the cotton candy troll hair was no match for the 80 degree day.
One Pinterest win for the day was the colorful sprite drink with Kool Aid ice cubes. FYI if you plan to freeze Kool Aid ice cubes make sure you give them like 7 hours to freeze.

One of the kids biggest surprises...their Auntie Stacie got to attend, and she gave them their first guitar. Xander really took to it, he hardly put it down all day.
We had no baby pigs to play with this year...but Pepe was a huge hit with all the kids. I think he spent the whole 5 hours being carried by one kid or another LOL.
The trampoline was at max capacity. Such a beautiful day for a party.

The kids got to gather some eggs.
Lily and Kalaya had the best time!
Someone...unproven but probably Jericho, threw a plant pot full of dirt in the pool. We tried for two days to vacuum and run the filter to clean it out, to no avail. All the kids wanted to swim anyway.
Little imp.
The kids Great Grandpa and Betty...they are the cutest.
Hayden and Loretta HAD to smash cupcakes in each others idea why, but it was funny.

Willow watched the crazy from the window.

Pepe loved all the kids.
Pinata time!

The kiddos cake...we bought the cake at Costco, but the kids made all the fondant decorations, and Lily added her Troll figures.

Finally gift time...we have such generous family and friends. I know the kids appreciate the gifts, but we all mostly appreciate you guys being here to celebrate this day with us.

Kitsune was also a huge hit...the kids love that she never gets tired of playing fetch. I made her take a break before she killed herself.

Lily and Kalaya hated saying goodbye, they stretched it out as long as they could. Many hugs and secret best friend handshakes were exchanged.

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