Saturday, July 15, 2017

Release the hostages.

Hayden and I were out on baby goat watch a lot today. Caught a little vitamin D while we were at it.

Molly is the only goat that jumps up on the pallet fence. Hopefully she gives it up when she gets a bit bigger.
I think her mom, Lena, is telling her to get her butt down.
I love the big old trees all around us.
Heidi and Lulu are still holding out. I think they have another week or so.

Molly is so wide in the back legs...I think she is going to have a fantastic udder.

Today was her official due date, hope she releases the hostages soon
Aww mommy and baby nappy time.

My littlest baby bunnies are so cute...lots of girls this time!

Some non farm fun. This game is hilarious...Speak Out Kids vs Adults!

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