Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun with face paint!

We had a little messy fun trying out some homemade face paints today. No reason really, they are not using any for their costumes this just looked fun and I wanted to try out a couple recipes to see if I could find one to rival store bought. I didn't find one to do that...but we did have a lot of fun testing them LOL.
Before we got started...O.J. was held down and tortured loved on Hahaha. 

This concoction wasn't store quality...but it did leave their skin silky smooth. I mixed milk, water, cornstarch, flour, lotion and food coloring. Needs a little more work on the mix but it had potential.

The girls were so excited to try this out. Please never mind their naked status. I told them they needed to take their shirts off, so we didn't get paint on them. I turn around and had 3 totally naked kids running around the house.

Hayden WAS down to do this...then I got one little flower painted and she was DONE.

Thankfully Lily was a trooper...and loved being a flower girl :)

Xander's before handsome.

My boy is all green, and he loved it.
Then we added some spots and behold lizzard boy :)

Aren't they too cute?!

Then Haddie decided she wanted another chance. It didn't go any crying, I don't know what Supergirl.

Kids being crazy.
Miss Hayden wanted to try one more time. I had just about had it at this point. Behold my lil pumpkin.

Hopefully my paint and painting get better LOL. They are sure cute though.

After they were done with their face paint everyone took a bath. Then Xander decided it would be funny to put Jericho in an empty suitcase and pull him around.

At first Jericho was having fun in there, then he started crying for help. Jason got him out really fast...probably before any long term damage, such as claustrophobia, could set in.
Thankfully, he has 3 silly siblings that turned his short moment of terror into a fun game. They all took turns and Jericho thought it was so funny.

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Anonymous said...

triplets of which one has red hair, it always amazes me. Seeing happy kids like this always makes me want to have kids of my own.

All the best from the netherlands