Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bargain basement.

After being treated to a nice breakfast it was time to fly, and I do mean fly, back to the trailer. It is like a race track around here!

Just to keep up, with the flow of traffic...yeah that says 90.
The break was nice, but man we have a LOT of work and cleaning still to do...and we are running out of time. We had a little yard sale today, there is just so much stuff...and it can't make it on the plane with us so we have to get rid of it all. It was so strange to be there, going through her stuff and selling/giving it all away. I am still boggled that I am here doing all this, just got to get through, I will have time to be upset later. We set out just little bits at a time...between the other residents and some random Craigslist people we sold a good amount. Still more to go though...whatever that doesn't get sold by tomorrow afternoon will be donated to the Salvation Army or something. So far we haven't come by any bills or anything, she did owe the current months rent at the resort, which we paid, hopefully that is it.
We worked at the trailer until about 8pm. It was time for a late dinner and bed. Mr. Jericho...have I mentioned yet how totally awesome he is doing? He is loving his gift from his Great Aunt!

We have been talking to the trio every night. They are having a lot of fun with Grandma...but are ready for us to come home. We are all ready too. Tomorrow we are headed back...can't wait!

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