Monday, October 8, 2012

Momma joined the short hair club!

I decided to join the short hair club, with Haddie and the boys. I am still getting used to it, but so far I absolutely love the ease. I am pleased to announce I am still married, and even though Jason thinks girls with short hair are "crazy" he kinda likes it :)

I brought the kiddos a little snack when I picked them up today. They are still such picky eaters sometimes, least good ol Teddy E. Graham's are still in favor. 
They decided to take their snack to the little house.

Tire swing for 4 :)
Monkey boy...the kid has no fear.

Big cheese...he is so proud of himself. He has to do everything himself now, he can climb up in to his booster seat and buckle it...he can even climb up into his carseat and get the chest part buckled. Such a little man!
The girls were in the mood to go fast today, so they were glad when Jericho got off.
He kept himself entertained.
Xander took my camera and actually took a good pic or two!

Xander's turn :)

And Miss Haddie.

The hair...still gotta learn to style it a little better.

The trio are becoming such amazing older siblings, they have always been great with their baby brother...but now they are really wanting to help him and love on him. Oh and they have asked for a baby sister, and Hayden wants to name her Sophia...hmm LOL. And she still wants to marry her Dad, she simply adores him, I hope she finds someone just as wonderful as her Daddy!
My big kids. So proud of them, they amaze me.

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Kimberley T said...

your hair looks good short and as always your kids are adorable