Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jump Party fun

We went to a friends Bday party at JJ Jump today. The kiddos had a fabulous time. I think we will be doing Jericho's party somewhere like this starting next year. We are going to run through the indoor spots over the coming years...December birthdays Brrrr.

My camera died so I had to rely on my phone for did not do a great job LOL.

Jericho was all over that place, he really wanted to do everything himself of course. He still needed help, which was made clear when he tried to go through by himself and got stuck in the big maze LOL.

He didn't care, went right back for more.
Xander was pretty hard to keep track of, he never stayed in one place long before he was off running in another direction.

Lily is on mega Miralax doses again, so you may notice 3 different pants in one day. Poor Bug.

Xander loved the "weight pull" LOL...he made it pretty far for a 4 year old. He is a strong little beast.

The place had a nice, quiet, little play area too.

Cool, if somewhat scary, decoration above the play/puppet stage.
Lily putting on a show :)
Woohoo time for cupcakes and gifts!

The girls were being so silly, they are cheers-ing with their juice cups Hehehe.

Jericho actually stayed pretty clean, thanks to Dads help.
Lily Bug...not so much LOL!

My kids were feeling like impressing people today. After they were done eating...without any prompting what so ever from Jason or I, they picked up their plates and napkins, then walked around all the other adults asking for trash, piled it all on top of their plates and threw it all away in the garbage. Now why can't they do this at home?!?! LOL

We saw a pretty rainbow on the way home :) Fall is for sure here...and Winter is not far behind I fear.

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