Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cloud you can go away now.

Ok seriously....I think we really need a break.

Xander accidently opened the gate and our dogs got out tonight. We didn't notice for 3 hours since it was right at dinner time. Come to find out they made it about 10 min up the street and attacked someones cat.

Story from the cat owner is the cat was in her yard/driveway and ran from the dogs across the street where they caught it.

They were picked up at the scene and impounded until the animal police could investigate, we can pick them up in a couple days. They are now going to be labeled "Dangerous Dogs" until a year goes by with no incident. This has never happened before, in the 8 and 4 years we have owned them, so hopefully they will be able to ditch the title soon enough.

Good news is the cat wasn't killed, it did have some bite wounds but is home on antibiotics. Hopefully that vet bill won't be too outrageous LOL. I am just glad the dogs obviously weren't dead set on killing it, and let the owner of the cat and a couple neighbors break up the fight. You would be hard pressed to take something from a Pit Bull or Malamute if they didn't want you to.

I feel the most for G (the Pittie) he doesn't mind cats or dogs at all...Sakari is the one who has a problem with other animals, and she drug him down with her in all the excitment. We are going to challenge the title on him actually, I just know he wasn't the aggressor, hopefully they will absolve him.

I have had it with bad news...tag, someone else is it Hahaha.

My cat hating Pit Bull...poor Gangster :(

The kids had a good day at school earlier.

Xan and Jericho, I love it when they play together nicely...the mosh pitting can wait a while longer LOL.

She is such a Daddy's girl.

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