Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The big donation!

Today was a big day for Haddie! We finally got her in to chop off all her hair. She was so excited, not a single tear or even hesitation.

They got the trio going right away, so Jericho had to entertain himself. Thankfully the place is full of toys and fun :)

Everyone was super excited.

Jericho did so great just playing and not trying to get into everything. That almost never happens LOL. 

Lily of course wanted the Princess car...and Xan went with the race car.

Haddie got a washing...and even cooperated for that. Boy she really wanted her hair cut.
Sorry need some hair first. The trio needed their first haircut just after they turned 2...I don't think Jericho will.

She was being super good...but still wanted to sit on Dad's lap. Look at her long beautiful hair...sniff sniff :(
So excited for no more tangles to brush. She was also happy to let some other girl "wear her hair." LOL
We got about 11 inches to donate.

Here we go!

And just like that, 4 years of hair is gone.
Who would have thought our follicly challenged Lily Bug would have the longest hair. She got a little trim and a cool heart braid...which she loved!

Cutie pie!
Time to style this short do!

Here she is with her donation :) I'm so proud of you Haddie!
This is her OK enough mom look.

After haircuts it was time for school. The trio were so excited to show off their new hair!
They LOVE these two seater cute! Race wars!
Watch out!


My cute girls!
Awww sisters.
My wild boys, still flying around. Jericho absolutely LOVES riding with his big brother.

Handsome Xander.
A little follow the leader with Dad.


Christine Roosa said...

WOW!!! What a difference that much hair makes in her appearance. I didn't recognize her.

She looks a lot like I did around age 5.

(Audrey's 3 1/2 and still hasn't had her hair cut)

TripMomma said...

We thought it made her look different too. Made her look a little older, and little thinner and a little taller to me. Crazy what 11" of hair does to a person LOL.