Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sprung from lock up.

The kids were so excited that their dogs could come home today. The mutts were very good "guests," the staff all enjoyed them. They did say the dogs had not been so happy or animated as they were when we came and bailed them out.

We got to chat with the cat owner. The cat is recovering well, no broken bones or anything more serious than he "got his bell rung real real good" per the vet LOL. The man was super nice...even said how well cared for our dogs looked and that Gangster got right out of it as soon as he was told to. Just before we hung up he said he would like to see them again...while on leash LOL. The vet bill is bigger than I hoped but not too crazy, probably end up around $650.

Sakari is on her last fricking chance I tell you.

The walk of doggy shame LOL.

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