Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A vacation day!*

Holy cow this is going to be one very long post. Since we missed our flight yesterday we got to spend one more day in Florida today. We had already finished up as much as we could at my moms trailer...not to mention I was sick of being there and did not want to spend one more day in it. So today we crammed full of touristy fun.

Our first stop of the day was to the Navy SEAL museum. This place was super cool, I had no idea that the SEAL's started out in Ft. Pierce Florida.

That is a lot of names.

They had a lot of awesome boats and other attractions outside.

Someone had placed this on the fence.

More names on the bricks all around the place.
The SEALS are involved is so many aspects...these are the pods Astronauts used to come home in, the SEALS would be there to fish them out.

Inside they had an amazing amount of history and lots of photos and retired arms.

My brothers would love this place, I bet they could have spent a whole day in here.
Jason loved this place...Jericho was enjoying himself too I think.

Jason wanted to start a shopping list...rocket launcher : check.

Look at that gun case...drool!

Jericho got in the boat for a little photo.
They had a nice memorial area too.

Even for their amazing K-9's.

Cool rides.

They had a big exhibit on the rescue they did against the pirates a couple years ago. Can't wait to see the movie that is in the works.

A piece from the attacks on 9-11.

They had a 3D picture...they look silly don't they.

Jericho, you would make a good SEAL.

He liked their mascot LOL.
Of course we had to take a picture of our old friend SOCOM...prekids we spent many hours every day being SEALS. Miss it Hahaha!

Yes, please!

Was a really cool place to see...if you are ever in the area, stop by.
After the museum we hit up the beach for the first time this trip.
Awww so cute.

Time to get the feet wet!

We finally had a fun day...it was over due!
The water was so warm...just the way I like it, well, minus the sharks LOL.
A little man foot print :)

Next up we stopped for lunch. This place was amazing, perhaps THE BEST Chinese food I have ever had.

They had some really beautiful Jade statues.

Hmmm they gave me more tattoo ideas LOL.
Then we squeezed in a visit to the Zoo!

It was a smaller Zoo, but we really loved how it was set up...there were a lot of hands on areas. Very cool!

This was their big snake set up.
It has been too long since we have been to the Zoo, Jericho is so much more into it now!

White Rhino's.

One of the coolest parts of the Zoo. This guy was so neat. I can now say I have touched a Giraffe, I can also tell you they smell like cat pee LOL.

Jericho was very brave.
Until the big guy got close LOL, then Daddy had to help with the carrot.

Jericho supervised while I fed the Giraffe.

They had some pretty birds. Love this Hyacinth Macaw!

Supposedly these little Red Kangaroo can jump pretty far. I can't say one way or the other...this lil fellow was not in a jumping mood.
How cool if this? They had a deadly garden exhibit. Reminded me a lot of the plants I learned about back when we discovered Nightshade in our back yard.
They had some Gators, then on the other side of a fence they had a Croc.

Boy he blends. The Croc is up on land catching some rays with his mouth open...can you spot him?

We got to feed a sweet doe...how anyone can shoot these gentle animals I don't know, she was darling.

Just when I was about to talk shit about not getting to take any pics of wild Gators. We are over looking at some little critters when I start hearing this loud noise. I look at Jason and ask him if that is a Lion. I start following the sound and we are treated to quite a show. The video is about 1 min long and while you can certainly hear them...it is nothing like it was in person, it was seriously almost scary. I would not want to be in that water.
I am not sure what they were talking back and forth about...I think it may have been a love connection or something LOL.

Loved this pic LOL.

They had a little kid play ground like area, with more hands on stuff. This Zoo was really awesome!
We had such a great time, next we grabbed some ice cream and headed to the airport.
We were NOT going to miss this flight, we camped out right next to the doors LOL. 

Jericho was ready to go home!

I had to take this pic...he held up Elmo, said "boobie" then tried to unbutton his shirt. I helped him out and sure enough he tried to nurse Elmo LMAO!

Sometimes a missed flight can be just what you need!

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