Saturday, October 13, 2012

A visit with family.

We clocked in for some more work at the trailer today. We had a lot of roach bodies to clean up again today...little bastards, not so little actually, we saw a few that were about 2-3" long. Shudder. In addition to working I rounded up a baby lizard that made it inside. He was so cute...had to go show him to Jericho. I didn't trust Jericho to hold him though, the little fella doesn't look like he could stand up to a curious 21 month old LOL.

After a couple hours of work I raided the liquor cabinet. She had good taste in whiskey :)

We called it an early day today. My mom's church friends were having a short hour long service, so we went to that.
Then we headed out to Ft. Lauderdale to visit Jason's Aunt and Uncle's and Cousins. We were treated to seeing our first wild gators on the way there. There were a couple huge ones just chilling in the grass by a couple stores. We weren't close enough for pictures...hopefully we will see some more later.
We had a nice visit with the fam, Jason's Aunt put out a huge feast, yum! We stayed the night there, it was a nice evening :)
Jason and Jericho with Gail, Lon and Robert.
They are a great bunch!

Jericho loved Jason's cousin's LOL.
Some practice with the pianist.
Then he moved on to one of his Great Aunt Gail's real pianos.
Jericho loved playing! The teacher was impressed that he wasn't just banging and slamming on the keys.
We got to hear her play the piece she wrote for the triplets. It was very pretty. We had a great evening, it was a nice...and much needed break.

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