Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Time To Be Born*

We got a really awesome package in the mail today. Jason's Aunt, Gail Smith, is a well known pianist and composer, today we received a book of piano solos composed by her. Inside was a piece written for and dedicated to the babies! I can't wait for someone to play it for us, what a cool thing for the trio. Thanks Gail, we love your music and I know this one will be a special personal favorite!

Here is a funny video of the trio from yesterday, they were getting very messy enjoying some mini ravioli's and veggies :) This was just the start, they got so messy I left them there until Jason got home and got them in the shower. It was all over...their hair, their eyes, clothes, everywhere LOL

I made it one month without eating anything that blinks!!! I have lost almost 6lbs so I am going for month 2 of no blinkers :)

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