Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hayden is out of the circle of trust. *

First I would never really disown Hayden but she pushed it yesterday LOL She has been trying to snap her fingers for a long time now, I have wanted to catch it on video but so far have been unsuccessful. I had the video camera out yesterday trying to get it but gave up to take a shower. I get out of the shower and Jason says I have a confession, she was snapping her fingers but I didn't record it. I said WTF you know I have been trying to get that, he said I know but I didn't think you would be too happy about it. Why I asked, ha he said she was doing it to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Oh my fricking Lord Nooo...I despise crazy twat flashing Spears so Hayden was temporarily out of the circle of trust LOL.

I got 4 hours of me time yesterday, DH stayed home with the trio while I went and got my hair did. The place was so chill and I loved my was a really relaxing time with some good conversation and a couple glasses of wine. I haven't done anything to my hair besides trims since December 2007 so I was majorly bored with my tresses and when that happens I usually do something drastic. So yesterday I got a perm and will be going back next week for color. Here is a pick of it after just being's not looking it's best yet but give it a week or two to settle and I think it's gonna look awesome!

Got some video clips to add...

Here is Lily working her cups yesterday. This was her second time putting them all together that day and she was doing it all on her own. I wish I would have grabbed the camera the first time she was going through them. She spent like 4 min methodically testing each and every one to see where it fit and eventually got them all together...this time you can see she was getting a tad bored with them. Our brainy Bug...Jason told me this morning that his dream last night was that Lily had become an Astronaut but didn't know how to drive a car LMAO

Hayden is our most musical child, she was dancing and snapping her fingers way before the other two. She loves to "sing" into the mic on this toy and then look at us with a huge smile waiting for us to tell her how awesome she is :) Leaving their 1yr NICU appt the other day she was screaming and "singing" while we were loading them up, a guy next to us said she sounded like the next American Idol to him LOL

Here is some dancing...cute lil Bug and her frog prince :)


Sassymama said...

love your hair!

Jae said...

Poor Hayden!
She doesn't know any better! LOL

Love your hair!
I can not wait to do mine. My natural curl disappeared :(