Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our 1 year NICU follow up!!!

Today was the trio's one year NICU follow up. We saw the same Doctor that we saw at their first eval at 7 1/2mo. She could not believe how big, mobile and cognitive they are. She was very very impressed...and that made us really happy. We did actually get told to watch Xander and Hayden as they are now off the weight for height charts LOL Xan and Hayden are 26 lbs 4 oz each and Lily is 25 lbs. We have to go back when they are 2, the Doc said some have to come back at 18mo but that these guys are doing so well she doesn't see the need! The trio had so much fun, the room was spotless when we got there, in very short order Lily found the cabinet with the sheet hung over it was hiding a treasure trove of toys. She pulled a number of them out, which alerted Xander and Hayden so over they went to pull out anything they could find. Needless to say when we left the room was thrashed, toys were everywhere....most importantly the babies were tired and went down for their nap as soon as we got home.

Lily gets a little before nap snuggle with daddy.

We ran into my MFM Doctor yesterday, he was one of my Doctors through my pregnancy, bedrest, and did my very fav Doc! He asked when we will be coming back to see him....hmmm :)

A little update, my no blinkers diet is still going strong...I am down about 7lbs! Some pics from today :) It is hard and I dream of eating a hamburger but a saying a friend introduced me to helps a lot. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"!!!

Some trio play time

The Bug is getting ready for Halloween!

My honey and I big cheesing LOL

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Angela said...

I know you're feeding all your kiddos the food you used to eat! lol You look great and kudos for such healthy babies! Way to go!