Saturday, September 12, 2009

14 months old!!!

We have almost hit their 1 year "adjusted" big kids! We went to another BBQ today, these end of summer BBQ's are nice but man it really shows me how much I depend on our "baby jail." I was ready to go after only an hour of chasing them around trying to keep them out of trouble. When we got back home we put them in some new PJ's, Lily was all of a sudden very popular....Xan and Hayden couldn't keep their hands off Dora LOL. Lots of pics from today...including a couple of Hayden and Bug doing their cough cover :)

Xander LOVED the golf clubs...daddy LOVED that :)

Oh God...did I really leave the house looking like this?!
My little man in his race car driver PJs
Miss Hayden, looking beautiful!

LilyBug. Giving some kisses...she still doesn't pucker LOL how adorable is she?!

Xander could not leaving Dora alone, Lily was like dude would you stop touching me.
Hayden and Lil covering their fake, forced coughs LOL

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