Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rut Roo I think we are headed for trouble...Bum bum bum

I have heard some horror stories about toddlers suddenly not napping or sleeping like they used to. When I would hear these stories I always smiled at my beautiful 15 hours a day sleepers, and thank them for being so kind to their momma and daddy. However, the last week is giving me cause for concern. They have been trying to cut their 2-3 hour naps in half, and 2 of the three have started waking up in the middle of the night here and there. What is happening, and how do I stop it?!?! As if I needed to add more trouble Xander and Hayden have started to HATE, and I mean hate, to be changed. They will not sit still, they roll and try to escape bare assed. They scream, cry and even try to bite. It has turned into a two person job or we have to give them something to keep them occupied while we race as fast as we can to change them. I have not timed it but those race car pit stops have nothing on us! We are also starting to see the beginning of the baby jail revolt. So yeah, we are headed for trouble! Someone tell me my sweet kiddos will be back soon...these ones are becoming little trouble makers :)
On a happy note we got together with our multiples group for a little picnic today. I didn't get many pics as the trio are really all over the place these days...even with Jason there to help. Here are a few. Thankfully one of the twin momma's took some pics too, thanks Wendy...nice job!

Jason figured since we would be missing some football to go to the park they would at least wear their jersey's LOL

Poor Bug, we were there all of 1 min and she fell and skinned her little nose :(

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