Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer is comes the rain.

This weekend is supposed to be the end of our nice weather, I am so happy to be soon starting our 8 months of rain...NOT. We took the trio to the Zoo, Grandma got to come along this time. We tried to see the new exhibit again, this time there was not a swarm of people, but none of the animals were out LOL We did get some fun pics though.
You can see a little of my new color job that I had done yesterday, it turned out really cool!
I managed to put a little pony in Hayden's hair...and she left it alone!!!

Once at the Zoo we started out playing with the Lions :)

Just to prove not all of our pics are happy ones...Lily melt down hehehe

Next we headed over to feed some birds...thankfully none of us got pooped on!

Trio sitting happily looking at the birds...

Then a bird buzzes the tower, the babies didn't cry but were not quite sure what to think LOL

Some play time at home...
Yes, that says STAR on Hayden's butt, like she doesn't already think she's too cool for school...give me strength!

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