Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

This years Holiday's are going to be so fun, now that we have 3 babies that are walking, eating "people" food and are much more interactive. Today we went to Grandmas for her annual Labor Day get together. Didn't stay long, had to do a little shopping, yay new 12-18mo sleepers!!! Just look at the difference a year! Lily has started copying us when we cover our mouth to cough...she is so cute. I also think she is starting to understand the sign for milk LOL They are all getting much better at walking, they can truck along pretty well now!
A bunch more pics from today.

Our sweet baby boy...he looks like such a big boy in these pics.

Miss Hayden...the shoes are a tad big but she had grown out of all her other pairs.

LilyBug....being her cute self.
A few of the sisters, already teaming up.

Momma and Lily feet.

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