Monday, August 31, 2009

Girls recheck at the Cardiologists.

When Hayden and Lily went to their new baby checkup after being released from the NICU the Pedi heard a murmur on both girls. We took them to a Cardiologist who did not hear a murmur but saw something minor on the ultrasound that he wanted to recheck in a year. He told us not to worry but to bring them back so an eye could be kept on it. Today was the recheck, this time he did hear what he called a benign murmur on both girls but said the ultrasounds of their hearts looked perfect!!! Xander came along and was so good, he chilled quietly in the stroller for almost 2 hours! Since he was such a rockstar today this pic of him that Jason snapped tonight is totally appropriate LOL

Since I have been keeping up so well with this blog I have gotten really behind on the trio's baby books. I am now back filling all the info from 8-12mo....then I need to add pics. At least I have everything down here so I am not trying to remember it all.

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Photogrl said...

What wonderful news! :)