Saturday, August 15, 2009

1 year ago today Lily came home!*

Our little Lily Bug surprised us all and came home 2nd, I should have known better that to underestimate our little red head. She was the smallest born at 3lbs 7oz and 18 1/4". Bug had a rough start but ended up home before her brother after about 34 days in the NICU. We had been home alone with Hayden for 9 days so we had a little time to get our feet wet....but Lily was a whole different experience. She was, and still is, a much more clingy and high needs baby. I remember crying to Jason about how Hayden and Xander didn't like me because I had to spend so much time with Lily and since they were more easy going they spent more time in their bouncy's. Lily needed to be held almost all the time, she also co-slept with us longer than her brother and sister as she would cry and scream if we tried to put her in their room. She has been about a month behind Xan and Hayden in doing things, but she watches them so closely that when she does meet that next milestone she does in perfectly from the start vs Xander and Hayden working up to the milestone. She has been a tad smaller than her siblings and still runs about a pound behind, but at 23 1/2lbs and 30 1/4" she is doing just fine. She is such a love bug and is our cuddly baby...just the sweetest little thing.

Here are some pics of Miss Lily just home....blast from the past :)
**You can click on any pic to see a larger version**

Her arrival and going home card the NICU nurses made.

Just home...they were so itty bitty.

Me with both my girls home :)

And our Miss Bug today, just look at cute is she?!?!

Bruno, now Koda, went to his new home are some pics of the trio saying goodbye.

The trio also said goodbye to Ginger, now Boston, today....5 down 2 to go!

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Angela said...

Such a sweet moment back in time! She is a cutie. I bet your kiddos could eat those puppies up! Iknow our's would.