Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obviously their taste buds are not working well.

I am on day 13 of not eating anything that blinks, good God has it only been 13 days?!
Woohoo I have lost like a whole pound so far...I hope it will all just drop off toward the end of the 30 days. I have tried Boca burgers, blah; I have tried garden burgers, not much better. Today Jason comes home with meatless hot dogs. I was not looking forward to them, but with almost a full bottle of mustard and an equal amount of ketchup they were swallow-able. We gave the babies their first taste of food in hot dog form and either their taste buds do not work or since they have never had a real hot dog they don't know any better. They shoved as much as possible in their mouths and gleefully ate the meatless dogs, and without needing mass amounts of mustard or ketchup. Crazy kids...but after looking on the back of the package these are WAY better for them than actual hot dogs so we may be stuck buying these. Jason being my big supporter downed his beer brats out of site of me and the babies....thanks darling.

He did come home bearing gifts so I let him live. He went and picked up a Step2 Choo Choo that a friend pointed out to me on Cragislist. It's only 2 cars, so I am on the hunt for the 3rd orange car. Best news, we got it for $'s so nice that there are still some people out there that don't try to bend you over!!!

The first of the puppies went to his new home was a sad and happy moment. We were going to wait until Sunday but the pups are ready...and so is their momma, they are driving Sakari crazy :) Koa, found a great family with 3 little girls, he will have a great life. Here are some pics of the trio saying goodbye.
Lily is getting good at "where's your nose" lucky for the pup she didn't accidentally find the inside of his nose like she does so often with her own nose LOL

This was too cute not to share, Hayden couldn't wait for bed time and passed out like this hahaha.

Oh and a couple pics from kids think they are hamsters LOL My play area is no longer stationary. Xander especially loves to push and to where ever he wants to go. It's suddenly not so peaceful and easy at my house :)
He wanted to check out the door.
Then he wanted to check out the fireplace. Yes that is Days of Our guilty pleasure.
After so much work he needed a rest next to Hayden....awww :)


Maha said...

Have you tried the Morning Star Farm chik'n patties? I love them. I like Morning Star products better than Boca.

Photogrl said...

I agree with Maha...Morning Star is SO much better than Boca.

My hubby has even eaten the fajita strips, thinking they were steak ;)

Yay for a pound down!

Love the pictures, they're getting SO big! :)

Bry said...

I just ran across your blog tonight and was reading it. I haven't eaten meat in 5 years (wow I didn't realize how long it has been) Morning Star has the best foods, as well Gardenburgers make differnt types of patties, like tomato basil, black beans, monzerella and basil. You just have to try differnt ones and see what you like, Bocca is very nasty though I never liked any of their products! Your children are absolutely precious! I am surprised to see no OSU or U of O things on them!