Sunday, August 2, 2009

Those Sheep are trying to eat my babies!

We took the trio to their 1st fair today, it was mid 90's today but we managed to stay pretty cool, and had a great time. We started off checking out the animals, they were all so hot but people seemed to be on the ball keeping them watered and as cool as possible. I loved them all, I wish we could live on a farm! The babies loved looking at the horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and goats. I guess sheep are like goats and will eat anything, they tried to eat our stroller!

It has now happened twice....on our way out of the barns a tweener saw us and said she wished she could have triplets, Jason and I had to laugh.

We then went to try our arms at the games...I won two different stufties, Jason won 3. The babies did not seem overly impressed with our skill.

We got the babies a little snack, fresh BBQ corn on the cob Mmmm. Then we got some water, only for the trio to discover their genius parents left their sippy cups at home...doh. So they got many cap fulls of water poured into their mouths, I'm sure it was quite the spectacle LOL.

They had little mister stations all over so we parked the stroller under one while we listened to a local band play. Hayden was bopping in her seat to the music, and entertaining everyone around us....she is such a goof.

We hung out for about 3 hours then headed is Xan checking out the loot :)

I have decided to give up eating anything that blinks, for at least a month. Today was day 2 and I'm still going strong...despite Jason making fun of me.

I can not wait for our new fridge to get here Tuesday...being without one is hard!


Lani said...

Looks like fun! And I am glad to hear that I am not the only mom that has forgotten sippy cups!!

Angela said...

I bet your kids loved looking at the animals. I can't wait for the Clark County Fair this year. We haven't been yet. Corn on the cob? What a great idea!