Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our boy "G" is the best doggy!

We took the trio and our dog "G" to a PitBull rally today. We all get together and walk the busy city center with our dogs, showing that not all Pitties are bad. This was our 2nd rally and our boy was, as always, a perfect doggy. Actually the only growling incident involving my dog was another dog who growled at him, G did not growl back...and the growler was not a PitBull LOL So many people have such a fear of this's really sad that all get judged by the few bad apples on tv. Anyway...we never know what people are looking at more, the trio or the big bad Pitbull with babies. We did have the funniest thing happened though. A couple came up to us and was petting G when they noticed the babies. The guy says is that twins, as I am rolling my eyes to myself, I am saying in my head the very thing his girlfriend says to him..."can you count" I busted out laughing!!!

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