Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Lily, don't eat that...

This is what I said over and over for about 2 hours today. We took the trio to play in a giant sand box at the zoo with our multiples group. There were 4 sets of twins plus us, plus about 6 other kiddos, and it was ca ra zeeee. It was the trio's first time seeing sand and they all tried to sample it, but Lily thought she was at a buffet or something LOL She would fill her mouth up and drool out muddy water, it looked like she was drinking chocolate milk...bleh. As I am trying to keep her from eating the whole box worth, Hayden is trying to bite me for brushing sand out of her hands, Xander is hitting me with beach toys, and some other kids are throwing sand on my back....I am tired and as covered in sand as the babies were. We then walked around the zoo for about 45min and went home to nap....Jason is snooring next to me as I type. We didn't get many pics...too busy trying to keep the kids out of trouble, but here are a few.
After breakfast this morning hubby got the girls ready first, when it was Xan's turn this is how Jason found him :)
Hayden is the only one that will leave her hat alone, Lily was tired or else she would have removed Hayden's too.
A small vent....PLEASE throw your kids nasty bandaids in the trash! I can not tell you how many used bandaids were in the sand and in the grass today...gross.

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Angela said...

Thinking we need to get together soon! Obviously, not at the Sand Pit!! Yuck!! You look cool, calm and collected though!