Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our cat thinks he has 9 lives

O.J. keeps jumping into the shark pool...errr the baby play area LOL This cat is so mellow and puts up with everything they throw at him :)

Xan our stunt man LOL

Here are the babies going down for a nap. We have decided to give them their 1st lovies...Zoobies that we got them as a birthday gift. I just really hope we are not shooting ourselves in the foot. They have been great about going to sleep on their own without trouble or need for lovies.

Xan and his Croc

Hayden and her Hippo

Lily and her Lady Bug. As we call her our LilyBug we picked this one for her right away, then we find out it's name is Lilly Hahaha

Poor Gangster had his big surgery yesterday, no more oops puppies for him. Here he is after and not looking too thrilled with the whole thing. Jason has been singing "Have you seen them?....tell me have you seen them?" to him all day, he is so mean and Hammer for sure sang it better LMAO

Most of the pups are heading to their new homes this Sunday....YAY!!!

The babies...OK so I think I am going to use this term a while longer, I am just not ready to admit they are toddlers already...are 13 months old today, time flies when you're having fun! Xander can now take 8 or so steps without falling, but man he has been a serious crank for the last couple of days. Hayden is working on a step or two but really loves throwing a toy and then chasing after it and throwing it she sort of plays fetch with herself. Lily is perfecting her standing and inspection of everything. Oh did I mention to Xander and Hayden's dismay Miss Lily has figured out how to bite back, everyone is sporting bite marks these days.

Mmmm Blueberries

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Jill said...

Cute pics! It looks like your cat actually enjoys the "babies".
And for what it's worth, I am not going to stop calling my little ones babies either!