Friday, August 14, 2009

Trio's first time finger painting!

We took the babies to a fun playdate today, there were 2 sets of twins plus us and everyone got messy!!! We started out at the rice bin, then moved to the water bin....Xander and Hayden especially loved the water! After that we tried our fingers at finger painting, and thank goodness it's non toxic...the trio are still in that everything goes in the mouth phase. Then everyone played with toys and tuckered themselves out for nap....except for Lily who refused to nap. That does not bode well for later tonight. Lots and lots of pics of the mornings activities!

1st stop, the rice tub, Lily and Xander tried to eat it by the handful.

Then Xander and Hayden moved over to the water tub...they got soaked but had a blast.

Xander kept staring at his reflection in the stove watching himself splash it was so funny!

On to paint fun!!!
Miss Hayden managed to not get too messy...Xan and Lily not so much.

After getting Xander and Lily cleaned up we went to play with some toys.
Xan loved being king of the mountain :)
They had fun in the kitchen...Xander got in easier than he got out LOL

Chloe and Elsa went to their new home today, I am so glad they got to go together I wish more of the pups got to stay together. The babies had fun saying goodbye.

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