Sunday, August 9, 2009

Keeper of the cheerios*

Lily has such fun playing make believe where she is feeding her dad and I pretend morsels of food that she finds in her mouth, or on her dads chest, or just out of thin air. Today we were giving them a little cheerio snack and thought it would be fun to see if they would feed us. Dad got nothing but they did, however reluctantly, share with mom.

Dad getting denied...

Momma gets some nummies

We had a couple cranky girls tonight, Hayden has two lower teeth coming in #7 & 8 for, her plus it looks like she has a molar thinking about coming through. Our sweet Lily Bug has a molar that has broken through and even her little face seems a tad swollen, poor baby. I don't see any molars coming through on Xan yet. I do have a couple super short videos of him walking! The first one was about 3 weeks ago and the 2nd was today...he is really getting it!

Xan 3 weeks ago

Walking even better today

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