Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Xan Man came home 1 year ago today!

Our sweet boy was born 1st but was in the middle on size, he was 3lbs 12oz and 16 1/2". He came out with a very misshapen head, he was on the bottom the whole pregnancy, to this day he does not love it when his sisters crowd him LOL Xander was the last to come home, he was more lazy with his bottle feeding. He eventually got it and come home after about 36 days in the NICU. He has gotten so big and come so far, he is now 24lbs 8oz and 30 1/4" and walking...not perfectly yet but he is walking! It is wild to think that we have had 3 babies under this roof for a year now...WOW! Here are some blast from the past pics of him from his first days home.

His NICU arrival and going home card from the nurses.

In the car going home

Some pics of my big boy today!

Since we had the camera out and it was such a nice day we kept on snapping. They were being total hams so there are lots of pics...enjoy :)

Xander and Lily are such little daredevils. They love this stuff and actually get pissy when you stop tossing them about...Hayden, doesn't like it at all.
I think we may have cut the bottles down to 3! Well 3 1/2 This morning instead of a 7oz breakfast bottle we gave them a sippy with about 3oz plus an eggo and berries for each of them...they loved it and didn't miss their bottle at all! My babies are growing up...sniff sniff.

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