Friday, October 26, 2012

This is what I have to deal with.*

This is the kind of stuff I get to witness probably 20 times a day...only he has slowed it down on this trip, usually he is much faster LOL.
 At least he makes up for it in 100% pure cuteness!
 I could just eat him up :)

His new perch.

Later I hear "help me, help me, help me!" When I locate the person in distress I find Little Man has backed himself as far as he could go into the kitty door. He is obsessed with the cats right now, well at least with O.J. since he is the only one that will put up with abuse love from the kids.

Yeah...he is lucky he is so cute!
In non-kid news. I am in need of a couple replacement pieces for an old old old chess set. This set is a Nigri handcrafted Napoleon themed set bought in the 80's. Wait a second...I was born in 78, maybe I will just call it a antique collector cool chess set LOL. I am having an impossible time finding pieces...if anyone out there has a lead please feel free to comment with the info!!!


Christine Roosa said...

that second to last photo of him through the cat door ... he looks like Xander.

TripMomma said...

Yeah, I think the older he gets the more they are starting to look a like...they sure act a like LOL.