Thursday, July 27, 2017

3 days of camping.

We took a little break from the farm and went camping. The kids and the dogs had a lot of was a nice little get away. The campgrounds are now a new was lovely, clean, roomy, lots to do. We will be back next year for sure.

This was the back of our site.
These two found the biggest tree stick out there and proceeded to fight over it.
Pepe had a BLAST. He was a camp ground kid magnet. He crashed hard every night from all of the activity.

My sweet son Xan found these rose nibbled pinecones and gave them to me.
S'mores and camping go together like kibble and bits LOL.

Such a beautiful spot...and like NO bugs. Awesome!

So much caught my eye.

The lake was a 3 min walk from our camp site...the kids and dogs spent a lot of time there.

Lycan still can't swim for crap. He is getting a doggy life jacket....poor guy had to sit out more than I wanted him to. He had a couple close calls. Kitsune swims like a fish.

Lily got to fly her kite...she has been asking forever.

Pepe needed special warming up after his swims.

Lycan...his battle wound from getting his face run into a rock by Kitsune during their stick battle.

Lots of tadpole and baby frog hunting.

Little bitty tadpoles. Every captive was released.

Lycan got a few more attempts.

Kitsune's paw pads were not quite ready for too much activity. She hated being benched.
Then the floating frisbee accidentally flew too far and Lycan couldn't make it.
I released Kitsune...she jumped in caught up to Lycan, passed him, got the toy, and made it back before he even got turned back around.

Jason had to go in after Lycan. Poor dog needs to learn how to swim right.
Kitsune was trying to attack the splashes she was making swimming. She is such a dork.
Lycan was benched after almost drowning. Next time, doggie life jacket. He may be a horrible swimmer, but he is sure pretty to look at.

The kiddos had a blast...we had great family time.

Kitsune always on duty.

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