Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The new girls in town.

Gaga is so funny. When a big black dog makes you nervous, you go get your mom, sister and all your Aunties and go back to tell that dog what's up. Kitsune was being a good girl...even if Classy was on edge and wanting to ram her for even sniffing the babies.

The newbies took a little stroll out side today. Looks like we got a couple cute chocolate buckskins. I'm already eyeing this little broken chocolate buckskin.
Must not keep all the babies, must not keep all the babies...

Heidi is a pretty forgetful first time momma, hopefully her instincts kick in a little stronger soon.

Jericho got the problem baby tooth pulled today. He is on the mend!

Missing a tooth doesn't slow this pot roast destroyer down. Sharing a bowl of left overs from last night, to my dismay he remembered everything that was in it. I'm trying to hide the last baby potato...he says "Mom I'm ready for some potato, I haven't had any yet". I sweetly say "I haven't found any yet" Jericho walks over, points and says "There is one right there". Grrr bye baby potato goodness...I'm sure he needed you more than I did LOL.

Found a red tailed hawk tail feather in the garden...pretty cool. The kids were excited to add it to their collection.

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