Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It is not the size of the dog in the fight.

Today was a good day to chill in a hammock and to plant stuff in the garden. Hopefully everything grows.

Starting out small...less for us to kill take care of LOL.

Otter pops!
Hayden and Pepe.

Such a little tough guy.
He has been accepted by the big dogs, but Lycan never watches out for him so Pepe lives a life on the edge LOL.

Hayden found a frog and showed it to Pepe.
A close inspection.
Frog is like "I'm outta here".

It was hanging out on Hayden's toe.
Then it launched LOL. She didn't care.
When your self taught 55 lb herding dog gets your 160 lb escaped sow back to where she belongs, you just stand back and take pictures. It took a while, I don't think Matilda has ever been worked by a herding dog it was a bit of a process. Kitsune did FANTASTIC, gentle, repetitive, mouthed very little and only to encourage, she only nipped one time...and it was when I told Kitsune to "nip her in the butt"...and she did exactly that. I have got to get this dog into lessons.

Giving Matilda a little talking to. I love how Kitsune doesn't back down...but she doesn't get out of control either.

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