Thursday, July 13, 2017

Animal whisperer.

I could take pictures of Matilda every day...she is so dang cute.

The pig pens look so nice this time of year...and when the pigs in them are not destroying everything in sight.
I think she looks like she is about over being pregnant.
My littlest animal whisperer came along for farm duty today.
Matilda loves ear and armpit scratches...and of course belly scratches.
Pepe checked out some critters today. The goats were not exactly sure what to make of him.
Any time Classy...I am ready to see what we got LOL.

Hayden has taken the lions share of Pepe ownership over, Lily likes him but not as much as Drusilla...seems Lily is a cat person after all.
Some goat whispering. All the critters love my wild little guy.

Hooch and Spicoli are best buds...and we have had zero escapes.
The horses are down hiding out in their shelter. I really need to get back to riding.

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