Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Christmas time! The breakfast tradition done, the gifts opened, the kids happily playing with their new gadgets and toys. Perhaps the biggest gasp of the day was Xander...when he saw the new Xbox and video game cave in the playroom

Jericho makes the best faces LOL.

Lily got Xan the Venus Fly Trap he has wanted forever. It is about to go into hibernation until spring...but he was excited to see it.
The boys got new key chains...those are actual, and really gross looking, bugs in there.

Lily's 1st American Girl doll...MaryEllen. Now watching that Talking Tina episode of The Twilight Zone may bite us in the butt LOL.

Hayden had not idea she was getting a saddle.

Xan...when he opened the Xbox he was so happy. We wrote "Sharing is Caring" on the gift tag below his name.
When he walked in the playroom and saw this set up he was beside himself...we got the gasps, the hands over the mouth...there may have even been a tear LOL. I don't think we will see him for at least a week though.

Christmas on the farm. Horse back riding in the snow...Hayden loves her new saddle. Piggies without blankets...and Skeet happy in her comfy hay. Gorgeous day!

Auntie Stacie and Grandma came up for the day.

Lily bug having fun in the snow.

Sweet piglets.

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